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Sarah Stanton
Consumer Operations Manager
Job Rejection is Wearing on me
I've always been known to be an adapter and to take on whatever challenges may come either at work or in my personal life. This past year I would say has been the toughest because of a combination of adaptions. Firstly, I lost my job back in March 2020 due to the Pandemic and I honestly at the time was actually relieved to have been layed off because the job was horrible in all way you can think. Work culture, co workers, and the job it's self was incredibly unfulfilling. I was highly depressed and was since early 2019 looking for other places to work. my living situation was okay at the time because i was at work most of the time and by the time i got home i was tired enough to shower and go to sleep. With the pandemic that changed everything. Having to be at home 24/7 has completely drained me and though i'm happy to have the stress of that job off me, other factors still had me depressed. So the month of march goes by, april, may, june, all the way to december 2020, of the same repetitive routine. I have probably applied to over 100 jobs and each a rejection. My main focus is to find a job that pays me the same as the previous job and that i can tolerate so i can go back to school. i dont wanna settle for a low paying job because it defeats the purpose of me wanting to move and live on my own. each rejection is like a stab at my freedom/self esteem and i'm trying to stay positive but it still hurts, especially knowing all the jobs i apply to i can do. I'm starting to think i may just have to sacrifice the pay to just get a job and start making money but i know i'm going to be miserable. I'm going to expand my job search to outside my area to see if that will help and also trying other job occupations. I have to keep pushing forward but it's just not a great time for those seeking employment.

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