How would you feel if the following happened to you. | Fairygodboss
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Destiny Pifer
Always and forever a writer
How would you feel if the following happened to you.
So I have been working at a hospital or 2 years now and was told in the beginning of January of this year that I could bid on an office job as I have been working on the frontlines as an entry screener. So I bid on a job at a doctors office and was offered a position on January 13 which I accepted and notified my supervisor as did the supervisor at the doctors office. She informed me that my current supervisor said they needed me just another month until Feb 13 and then on Feb 22 I could start my new job. Well I got informed that I am still on the schedule for entry screener so when I talked with my current supervisor she said it was never approved for me to switch to the new job and that they can keep me for up to 90 days which if they do that then the new job said they will have to hire someone else instead because they are in dire need. So I am devasted and I contacted HR who is looking into it because they said that isn't right according to the handbook. I refuse to stay as an entry screener as I ended up with COVID and I refuse to stay at a job where their is lack o communication and I am treated like crap. So far HR is hitting a brick wall in getting any answers so I am stuck. What would you do in this position? Would you start applying elsewhere?

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