50% pay cut to get my foot in the door. I'm the primary earner in my household and my partner is currently only working part-time. A change like this would require us to make some significant lifestyle changes - goodbye housekeeper, exotic trips, being able to afford every activity our kids want to join, fully funding college and retirement savings, not worrying about how to pay major unexpected expenses that pop up...etc. We'd probably be able to afford staying in our current house/area (thank goodness we bought before the recent market insanity), and we certainly wouldn't go hungry Money isn't everything. My heart wants this new job but 20 years of having the best of it all at a job I can do in my sleep is pulling at me with strong inertia. I would love to hear experiences of those who have made a drastic change like this, and your experiences (good or bad!) as you reflect back on it. Thanks!!" content="Fairygodboss" /> Tell me your stories of taking a pay cut to follow a passion? | Fairygodboss