Make 2020 the last year you allow this to be your testimony. This isn’t an “I feel” conversation; it’s a conversation rooted in facts. ??Where’s your documentation of your performance results for the last 12-18 months? Are you exceeding performance expectations and doing more then what the job entails? Most of the women I know do and are! ?? How much do you make in comparison to what the market pays in your area by zip code? If relocation is an option, check the numbers. ?? Schedule a meeting with your leader. If you get “We’ll discuss this later”, “I need to run this by my boss”, etc. Thank them, and communicate to them when you’ll follow up. ?? Is it time for you to move up, move on and/or move out? A familiar saying is: “This is business, it’s not personal.” I recommend that you make it your business to ensure you’re being compensated fairly. #PowHerMoves | Fairygodboss
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