“What are you doing for your spiritual growth?” she asked me warmly, her cheerful crystal necklace catching the light, (as if there were every reason in the world for me to have a well thought out answer). Buuuuuuut I didn’t have one. (Not a good one, anyway). I have a stack of books to read to grow my heart and my brain! But, like, nothing specifically planned to nourish that deep visceral part of me that makes me ME. Her question has been quietly floating through me for two weeks now. And I think I have the beginning of an answer: I want to knock on the door of the little girl in this picture who’s giggling her booty off, totally loving life and feeling everything around her with all her heart. I used to be SO GOOD at that. But somewhere between teenage awkwardness, an abusive college relationship, and my dad’s stroke I’ve tempered the depth to which I let myself feel, revel, reflect. And I’ve built strong boxes to store feelings away for later, and habits where I let my anxieties have more power than they should. So there’s my path for spiritual growth, my sweet friends. BUT! You might know by now, I’m all about action plans! What will I actually be DOING? This month I started going to a monthly writing group with blossoming intentions of writing about my feelings surrounding the aftermath of my Dad’s stroke <3 >*>*> I’m going to collect rocks and crystals again. It’s been.... over a decade? Basically. It’s SO time! >*>*> My husband and I started a new habit this month where we have a State of Our Union talk where we have to share all our feelings (even if they’re uncomfy or we’ve held on to them for a LONNNG time). I’ll let you know how it goes :) How are you focused on growth, sweet friend? (Stumped? Totally normal! Want a fun, guided path for growth you can start today? Take this quiz to find your ideal confidence style! AND get the free 10page guide that walks you through how to truly start owning it! https://braveheartopenmind.com/confidence-quiz ) | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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Kayla Vavra
Confidence & Mindset Coach Self-Love Advocate
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