I believe that everything...everything...starts with connecting to your Heartset. Think of your Hearset as your inner true North, your highest and best Self, your innate wisdom. Your Heartset is also where you will go to access your power, ferocity and tenacity as you pursue any dream or goal. When you ignore your Heartset, you end up going after goals and losing steam along the way…or achieve your goal and still feel a yearning for something more/different. Common reasons people override their Heartset are conforming to other’s expectations, doubting one’s worthiness to have what you want and diminishing the importance of your dreams. My work starts by creating a fundamental understanding that your dream is important…not just to you, but to your community and to the world at large. Connecting to your Heartset is the way to create that understanding; so, I have a quick practice for you to try: Close your eyes and take 3 slow, deep breaths…sink into your body and imagine a world where your dream has happened. The new job…the improved relationship with your child…abundant money in the bank…whatever dream you choose. Imagine how your life is better for doing/being/having this dream…then imagine how your community benefits (think family, colleagues, volunteer organizations, church community)…then imagine how the world is a better place when you and your community are living in this world. Really take your time, still breathing deeply and slowly…savor the vision of this world. Savor the impact of you making your dream come to life in the world. Congratulations, you just connected to your Heartset! In my next post, I’ll show how aligning your Heartset with your Mindset makes all the difference in making that vision of yours come to life. Stay tuned... | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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