Dr. Maxwell Maltz stated back in the 60's that is takes 21 days to form a habit. I believe that that is no longer the case in today's world. I believe you need at least one more week to solidify the habit. Week 1: Torture, trying to keep up with the pains of starting a new habit. Week 2: Uncomfortable stamina. This week is still uncomfortable trying to establish the habit into your routine. Week 3: Comfort zone: This is the hot zone where the habit comes easier and many people feel they have it at the end of the week. The habit has become more natural. It is not as painful to do it consistently. People usually stop trying to incorporate the habit into their daily routines at the end of this week, thinking they 'got it'. Week 4: In my opinion, this is the week that solidifies the habit. You went through the pain, the discomfort with your attempts to incorporate the habit, then the comfort zone feeling that you got it down. This fourth week is where you really master the habit and it begins to come with ease. Of course, if you Google it, many say that 66 days is the average time that it takes to build a habit. I feel that if you have it through week 4, you may falter, but it is easier to get back on the bike and ride day after day. What are your thoughts on building a habit? What positive habit will you begin today? | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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Melissa Southerland
C-Suite Level Executive Assistant in Dallas
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