Last year, I served as a Coach for the first time at Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Summit. After one of the breakout sessions, I said to myself “YOU need to facilitate a session” then proceeded to the stage to capture a selfie in the moment. This picture was taken 3/2/2019. One month from today, I’m serving as a Coach at the conference but I’m also facilitating “Visibility Breakthrough: Stop Doing All of the Work and Getting None of the Shine.” Be encouraged. While you may not control the timing and it’s easy to get weary, you definitely control your effort as well as your attitude while waiting. Remember: •Continue doing the required work. This isn’t a one year or a one month “success story.” My business initially started in 2010. •People are not only observing, they are also talking. The question is: what are they saying about you? •When you ask for the promotion, the project, the salary increase, etc., remember yes isn’t given - it’s earned. #PowHerMoves | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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