Hi FGB’ers! Would love to hear from you — what makes your group of best girlfriends so special?? Womxn’s Equality Day is right around the corner, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the role womxn-centric spaces and friendships play in how supported and empowered we feel in our lives overall. I’m fortunate to have so many different powerful, nourishing friendships with womxn, but the friend group I’ve chosen to highlight here is one that was formed while we studied abroad in Paris as college students. Studying abroad was my first time leaving my hometown for a sustained period of time totally on my own. I went into it seeing it as an exercise in self-sufficiency, but soon discovered that it didn’t have to be — because I met and made fast friends with these beautiful humans! <3 We’ve done Paris, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Colombia, New Orleans, Salem, and NYC/LA together. Not only do I admire them as people, but I love knowing that I have access to a group of rad women who value adventuring as much as I do! It’s a really special dynamic to have. Now, tell me about your group of gal pals and what makes your friendship exceptional! ^-^ | Fairygodboss
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