I just launched a new free training for women feeling stuck to finally discover an aligned corporate career and of course, I had to share it with the FGB world ASAP! https://www.alybrine.com/alignedcareerwebinar Here's what I'm covering in this exclusive, short training: CONFIDENTLY discover a new career that finally feels aligned with your personal purpose, dreams and values. -How to find a career that finally resolves that feeling of knowing you're meant for "more" in your career but not knowing what more is. Along with exactly how to define your own version of more AND how to translate it into an actual corporate job title. -How to leverage your existing education, experiences and skills in order to discover careers that you're already qualified for but didn't know existed. Ensuring you won't have to start from scratch as you shift your career! -How to easily get your career narrative in front of decision makers at the organizations you decide are aligned with your goals and want to work for. AND how to do all of this no matter where you are in your career! The truth is, NOW is your time to finally discover a career you love in the corporate world. You're driven, you're capable, and you're ready to learn EXACTLY what to do to discover a career that feels aligned with your values, strengths and destiny. You can feel that it's there for you... You just need to know how to get there. The good news? I can help you get there and I've given you the roadmap right inside of this training. There's a lot of noise out there that tells you that in order to even consider changing careers, let alone finding one that you love, you've got to go back to school, start at the bottom of the food chain or apply to hundreds of jobs...and that's just NOT true! There's a much more simple way to get there - without starting from scratch or applying to hundreds of jobs just hoping you can find the right one! If you're feeling stuck, not sure where to go next in your career, you absolutely need the blueprint I'm giving you on this training. https://www.alybrine.com/alignedcareerwebinar | Fairygodboss
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Aly Brine
I help Corporate Hippies thrive in their careers
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