My mother decided one pair of Chic Jeans was fine ? when I was in high school. At an early age, I realized a paycheck would solve a few of my problems so I went to work. I had no idea for many years that salary negotiation was even an option. I didn’t ask for a raise nor a promotion. When I felt I deserved one and it wasn’t offered, I landed a new role. Interviewing was my way out and up; it’s how I increased my salary multiple times throughout my career. I can remember picking up my grandmother’s check one Friday while in my 20’s. I literally sat in my car and cried that day. She worked for a moving company; packing and lifting boxes working way harder than I. The painful reality that I was making more money than she was; that I felt she was severely underpaid hurt then and it hurts now to know women have to demand what should be given. Money isn’t everything but it helps; when you do the work, you should be compensated equitably. Aug. 13th is Equal Pay Day for Black women and yes, I encourage women on that day as well as every other day to get their money ? because it matters. It makes a difference for them, for their children, for their children’s children for their communities as well as the causes they support. ?? #GetYourMoneyHoney | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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