HOW TO CHANGE YOUR FUTURE INSTANTANEOUSLY I was talking to an exhausted, overwhelmed, and underappreciated working mom the other day. She desperately wanted to leave her job. But it felt even more overwhelming to start the job search. So, the easier thing to do (or so she thought) was to just stay STUCK....and miserable. As we continued our conversation I asked her what she found herself doing when she lost track of time. She told me she enjoys gardening, "but there's no money to be made there." And that's where we disagreed. You see, this woman has listened to society (like most people) as it has demanded more energy, longer hours, and less compensation from her. She's been doing what SHE THOUGHT WAS RIGHT for so long, only to find herself on the brink of tears nearly every day. I asked her to try and take a step out of society's box...to OPEN HER EYES to the possibilities. I asked her to explore non-traditional, yet incredibly rewarding career options she, honestly, never realized were out there. She had no idea another route could even be possible for her... Her eyes opened...THEY LIT UP! It was like a neverending faucet of ideas came flowing through her. THE SAME THING IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU, TOO. IT SOOOO IS! Evolving in your career doesn't have to mean staying in a similar role or within the same industry. It can literally mean ANYTHING. If reading this sparks a fire in you, I'm always happy to jump on the phone and brainstorm some ideas with you: https://bit.ly/freecareeradviceconsult | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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