Digital Discipline Push notifications, information overload and people’s expectations can impact you in ways you may not have considered. If any of these 10 statements resonate with you, it’s time to make adjustments. * “Digital technologies have made it more difficult for me to say on task and devote sustained attention. This interferes with my work productivity.” * “I can’t seem to get my brain to calm down and focus. It is all over the place. I can’t concentrate. I just start thinking about what I’m going to do next.” * “Increased isolation is a negative effect I feel in my life; the time I spend using digital technologies could well be spent in other more creative and productive ways.” * “I am becoming increasingly aware of the way constant access to digital forms of communication can be overwhelming.” * “It has become an ever-present overhang on all aspects of life. There is no escape.” * “The rise of hatred, the manipulation of politics and so on – these are not distant events with no personal impact.” * “One major impact is the overall decrease in short-term memory, and … what was the question?” * “Digital technology radically increases expectations for instantaneous responses. This is unhealthy.” * “It has become harder to take your eyes off a screen to enjoy life as it’s happening.” * “Alone together - I’m in the company of others but we’re more focused in digital devices than engaging one another.” | Fairygodboss
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