Don't give up, instead surrender. Have you ever wanted something so badly... Worked really hard… Wished... Pleaded, pushed, prayed, and still… despite all of your best efforts just could not seem to get what you want? Before you give up, consider something else... surrendering. Surrendering is: Having the courage to still hold on to the dream even though the outcome is not guaranteed Asking for help when you are not sure what to do next or need someone to walk alongside you Taking it slowly, trusting the process, reflecting and making changes and adjustments along the way Trusting that it will happen, in its own time and in its own way Sitting with hard emotions such as disappointment, fear, anxiety, and shame and dealing with them On the flip side surrendering is not: Bitterness and playing the victim—thinking over and over, “things never work for me!” Comparing to everyone else and then despairing Working harder and pushing to control the outcome Bypassing the hard feelings by eating, shopping, drinking, zoning out on social media Taking action from a place of fear and anxiety Surrendering is grace where giving up is giving in. The only time you fail is when you give up. Have you ever wanted to give up? How do you keep going? How will you surrender? Please share in the comments. | Fairygodboss
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