I am looking for some volunteers for a program I am running and wanted to put the option out to the FGB community! I am offering up free 1:1 coaching in my facebook group and I wanted to see if any ladies from this group are interested in volunteering and getting a free coaching session out of it (FULL DESCRIPTION IN COMMENTS) | Fairygodboss
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Six Figure Salary Coach
Let me help you add 5 figures to your pay, today
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Six Figure Salary Coach
Let me help you add 5 figures to your pay, today
This coaching is all around getting what you want in the workplace so if any of the below describes you, and the offer is of interest to you, comment below so I can connect with you. 1. You are employed (this isn't dedicated to entrepreneurs). You can have your own business but the coaching will be around getting what you want in your career/workplace 2. You are a high performer. 3. You feel like you are stuck in your career (don't know your next step, asking for a raise, etc) 4. You want something more out of your workplace, but you just don't know how to get it. 5. You feel like you are WORTH more but don't know how to get it. 6. You have been passed up for a promotion, have been offered a promotion without a good pay increase, or your responsibilities have been increasing but your pay hasn't been increasing. I am not a career coach so this is not about finding your dream career. This is about feeling like you are worth MORE or WANTING more and figuring out how to GET IT! I would love to connect with anyone who is interested in helping me out! Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information as well! xo Melissa
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