You should consider relocation in 2020. “Moving” doesn’t necessarily mean a new physical location, perhaps a mental move is what’s best for you in this season. I was 5 years old when I lived in this house. It has 923 square feet. The room I reserved for my 1st vacation in 2020 has 1200 square feet. The thought of staying in a hotel space larger than a home I once resided in inspires me to share the following with you: •If you’re desiring more, it’s an indicator that you’ve played small. Leave “little” in 2019 - you weren’t created to settle. #PlayBigger •Relocation is about the shift and environmental change. Whether it’s a new physical address or mental zip code - everything begins in your mind. With relocation comes growth, expansion, lessons and blessings so my question for you is this: what are your reasons for staying in small spaces when you no longer desire them? #PowHerMoves | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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