The last element of the Trifecta of Unstoppable is Skillset – which I define as the habits, structures and support that your dream/goal requires. Skillset is a critical element of the Trifecta because your current habits, structures and support won’t get you where you want to be…you need to intentionally develop all three in order to achieve your ideal life. For example, let’s say that my aspiration is to get my dream job – a job that aligns with my Heartset, that fills me up and challenges me to be my best. What would I need to look at for the Skillset that will get me into that job? • Habits: I might begin reading professional journals for the field that I want to work in, making a habit to stay current with trends and changes in the field. By doing this, not only am I learning more about my dream job, I’m educating myself so I can speak confidently when I go to interviews. • Structures: I’ll need a structure to make sure that I am consistently connecting with people in my dream industry, to begin building relationships that can help me network and ultimately find my perfect job. One of the easiest structures I could us is putting time in my calendar that is reserved for networking and relationship building to ensure that my time and attention stays on my goal. • Support: Support for getting my dream job might include finding a mentor who can guide me through my job hunt, working with a stylist to polish my look and joining an online community like our very own Fairgodboss, where I can connect with other women for conversation and support. One last thought on Skillset: it is important to remember that your Skillset is always changing, growing and adapting throughout your journey towards your dreams. Oftentimes, you will discover new habits, structures and support that you need/want along the way…this is good news, as it means that you are growing! | Fairygodboss
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