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  • Vacation Allowance (weeks)

    • Lower: 2
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 4
    • Maximum vacation after 10 years is 4 weeks
  • Paid Maternity Leave (weeks)

    • Lower: 6
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 20
    • Parental leave is the same for salaried and hourly workers.
    • Up to 20 weeks paid leave for for moms who have given birth since November 2016.
    • IBM offers 12 fully paid weeks off for new moms. They also offer 6 weeks off for adoptive parents.
  • Unpaid Maternity Leave (weeks)

    • Lower: 4
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 6
  • Paid Paternity Leave (weeks)

    • Lower: 2
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 12
    • Parental leave is the same for salaried and hourly workers.
    • 12 weeks paid parental leave for dads, partners and adoptive parents for babies born since November 2016 (and a full year to take the leave) .
    • Company offers 6 fully paid weeks off for new dads.
  • Unpaid Paternity Leave (weeks)

    • Unknown - please leave a tip
  • 401k Matching

    • Median/Consensus:
    • IBM has a generous 401k match, up to 8%, but it is only provided in mid-December, after you've been employed for the whole year. If you voluntarily leave during the year, you lose out.
  • Healthcare

    • Median/Consensus:
    • Reimbursement up to $20,000 for eligible adoption or surrogacy expenses including medical costs associated with surrogate birth mothers.
    • All options are very expensive with high deductibles and the plans do not cover a lot of things. Read the fine print if you are reviewing the options and interviewing. Example: Family mid-tier PPO = $1300/month just health insurance. Dental: $250/month, covers 2 cleanings per year & anything else is either paid at 50% or 30%
  • On-Site Childcare

    • Median/Consensus:
      Not Available
    • Company backups childcare.
  • Flex-Time

    • Median/Consensus:
    • Company’s managers are trained to manage work/ life and flexibility concerns of employees.
  • Other Benefits

    • Continued support for first-of-kind programs such as breast-milk delivery and $50,000 towards services for each child with mental, physical or developmental disabilities.
    • 30% of managers and executives are women.
    • Company employs 31 % of women and 31 % of new hires are also women. At IBM 100 % of female employees participate in career counseling, 50% participate in management/ leadership trainings and 89 % participate in mentoring.
    • Company contributes to eldercare expenses.
    • Siince 2015, IBM is partnering with breast milk shipping services for traveling, breastfeeding moms.
    • IBM offers $25,000 lifetime IVF treatment maximum. They use standard pre-authorization and lifetime medication maximum is limited, but limitations vary. Their plan will refuse to cover PGS testing and will not exclude any clinic.

What are the benefits at IBM? IBM offers 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, 6 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime, 401-k matching. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by IBM employees.

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