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Lady vrw1978

Account Executive


After an initial training of 6 or so weeks I was assigned to a 'market' to sell in. My first manager's name was I hid you not: J.R. 'Jim'. Ewing. This in Dallas, TX. He is the one who patiently taught me "how to sell" for this mammoth corporation. Of the 29 manager I was assigned to in 30 years he was the only one that worked ethically. He told me once (in the mid 1970's you still expected to retire from the company one day) that his hope for me was I would one day retire and be able to say that I had never mislead or told a falsehood to a customer. He said customers deal with honesty from their account executive with referrals! Oh boy was he right. Jim was right about everything he taught me. Of course I only worked for him about 3 years then the revolving door of corrupt, incompetent, self absorbed, drug or alcohol addicts, lazy, stupid, chauvauist poured through the door. Had it not been for Jim I would never made it 30 years. He equipped me be an excellent honest sales professional. But it was Jim not AT&T. That is important. My advise to myself would be: when in training go over to the marketing office when possible and ask AE's about their management. And then put the sales skills they were trying to teach me (my BS degree was in government. I never took a marketing class in college) to use and sell the best manager on me! . The stars aligned for me when I got Jim but I could have just as easily gotten someone like the other 28 people I directly reported to in my 30 year career. And with many of those future managers I would have quit. When I retired the younger co-workers asked me how in the world I made it 30 years. I explained about Jim. Additionally, I told them to put on an imaginary Gumby suit (so they could beend over backward when needed for their customers - but never bend your ethics for anyone - customer or AT&T), slap on an imaginary tap shows and get ready to do a lot of tap dancing as you will be patronized constantly. And bring along a piece of garden hose because management will try and beat you up when they don't want to take responsibility for their incompetence. But, always remember working as a woman at AT&T you will always be in the minority. Truthfully, sort of like a puppy that got a good start in life , I got a great start in my career with AT&T because of Jim. He taught me exactly what my job was and what it wasn't and what he expected of me. For the rest of my career I tried my damnest to ignore those horrid managers and just keep on doing my AE job the right way everyday. I can honestly say I succeeded accomplishing the goal Jim set at the beginning. I stayed true to my ethical compass. Never did I mislead or tell an untruth to a customer. AT&T is a tough company to work for. Try it if you want but if you are a marketing person find something in the medical field. In today's work environment you will won't have the same type of retirement plan I have (it is very good but no longer offered) so there is no reason to put yourself through hell to stay with a company that won't go to hell and back for you! You asked & I answered. Don't know if this information is helpful but I know none of my co-workers who became friends and are now retired that would disagree with my assessment.

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Lady IMP

Retail Store Manager

Company Owned Retail

I have worked here for 6 years and do like the opportunities that I have had. There are employee resource groups like women of AT&T and the company is supportive of women to a degree and , in most cases, better than other companies. There are stigmas attached to women who can't easily relocate, have children, ask for time off for family and don't dedicate 100% of their life to the job. Opportunities for advancement usually go to males and the upper management is dominated by men and not due to lack of female talent. The maternity leave is paid 6 weeks, you can stack paid time off (vacation) and you can take up to a year unpaid. While still tough as most people can't afford unpaid leave, I recognize this is far better than most companies.

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Lady supermom

Customer Service Associate

Regional Ordering Center

I had pictured advancement and a lot of opportunities which really don't exist. There are many people with my job title but our duties vary. Most jobs are outsourced so there are very few jobs posted. There is no such thing as coming in a few minutes late because you had a doctor's appointment and staying a few minutes late. Part of that is due to union regulations but there is no flexibility. Management is not the brightest and best, they are people that just didn't want to do my job. They are paid 15% more than me with less job security. I am very thankful for a wonderful benefit package but feel that I am paid in benefits, not really in salary.

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How do women feel about working at AT&T? 48% think they are treated fairly and equally to men. 48% would recommend AT&T to other women, and women have a job satisfaction rating of 3.3 out of 5. What are the benefits at AT&T? AT&T offers 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, 4 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime, 401-k matching. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by AT&T employees.

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