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Lady Content Crafter

Help Center Writer

User Operations

In the sales org, men dominate both leadership and day-to-day culture; however, this is the perspective from an employee that's not in sales, but sits in an office where sales is the other core team. In user ops, it is overwhelmingly women that comprise both leadership and individual contribute roles. This is a young company, so I do not think that all of its plans around parental leave and benefits are thought out yet. But, I do believe that the company wants to do right by parents and women. We've recently put a lot of resources into maturing our human resources org, and I think that will make this company an even better place to work if you happen to be a woman or a parent. One place of growth for the company would be a structured mentor system that cuts through any unconsciously created gender barriers.

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Lady techgirlbossatx


There are plenty of opportunities here equally for both men and women. As with any fast moving company, you do have to be proactive about asking for promotions and salary increases because we don't yet have formal structure in place across all teams. However, ensuring we have a diverse and inclusive culture is a top priority for all of our Sr. and Mid-level leadership and this will continue to be a priority for recruiting as well. We also have a flexible work schedule so parents are able to be involved in their kids' daily activities. Overall I've loved my time here and recommend it for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced, get stuff done mentality.

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Lady Sundoesshine

Account Executive


I've worked in sales roles at three other companies. In each and every other company, I was overtly sexually harassed or told that there would be limitations in my career because of my gender. This is the first company where I am truly unafraid to be in professional or social situations for fear of harassment or inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, I don't feel that I'm viewed differently professionally for being a woman, and that I have the same opportunity for development and pay as my coworkers. There are also a number of women and diversity initiatives that focus on making equalism an approachable and actionable topic. Two big thumbs up.

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How do women feel about working at Dropbox? 50% think they are treated fairly and equally to men. 88% would recommend Dropbox to other women, and women have a job satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of 5. What are the benefits at Dropbox? Dropbox offers 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime, 401-k matching. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by Dropbox employees.

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