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"When I first started it was a small team with 1 woman in the department, as they grew a couple more women joined but the men far exceeded the women by dozens. It seems like women don't even tend to get interviewed in my department, and the culture has shifted big time since it started to grow so fast. I've started to see more signs of misogyny than I used to, and it probably doesn't help there are no female managers in the department. That being said, there are a lot of great people who are feminist allies, but it's mostly those who have been there the longest. There is no paid maternity leave, and I was angry when I found out that men who have babies usually take at least 2 weeks of paid time off, which is more paid time off than I got when taking maternity leave. There are also constant battles fought for the lactation room, despite HR sending out multiple notices for people to vacate the room when the mothers need it."
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"They used to be better but then started to grow fast and the culture shifted. I would say it's better than some places but not as good as others."
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