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Lady Mittens


January 1970

This is definitely a very solid old boys club culture in the company, particularly within the finance organization. There is one woman in a leadership position within our finance and accounting area and very few women in middle management. In addition, in the last six months I have seen several women in leadership positions, that I highly admired, be reorganized out or demoted to lower positions. There is also very little regard for women who have to care for their children and I've noticed that most of the women working for the company at my level either do not have children, have a stay at home partner, or have family nearby to help. There is no official flex time arrangements and in the few instances where I've had to stay home with my children (I am a single mother) it was definitely looked at unfavorably. If I had known the culture prior to joining the company I would not have joined, although the work is interesting, I support the services the company offers to their customers, and incentives such as pay, health benefits, and bonus, are certainly better than many other companies in the area.

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