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Systems Engineer II

Systems Engineering

January 1970

Most women who worked at my site (Fullerton, CA) were in support roles, such as Administrative Assistants or Configuration Management. It's very much an old boys club and sexual harassment is an unreported problem. Most women tolerate it because the HR Department was so ineffective and because of the rampant nepotism, no reporting was anonymous and retaliation would ensue. The only time you are listened to is if you are showing off a visible rack. I was not promoted until a friend (who was in a support role and had visibly huge breasts) told my manager it wasn't fair that I was passed up in favor for a guy who didn't work as hard and was not there as long as I was. My boss (a married man) had a crush on her and decided to please her by promoting me. It's hardly a meritocracy. When I worked there, I was a single woman with no children, so I can't speak about motherhood there. There were women who had kids and worked there as engineers, but their husbands also worked at the site and their husbands' employment acceptance was contingent on their wives also getting a job there. Lots and lots of nepotism, everyone there was someone's kid, mother, father, wife, husband, etc. If your family member works there and has worked there for 15-20 years, you will be ok, otherwise, you will be battling the "in" crowd as much as being a woman in engineering. I cannot say if this is a problem at other sites, just that it was a problem at the Fullerton, CA site. I know women engineers who work at the El Segundo, CA site and seem to enjoy it.

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