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IBM is a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. Restlessly reinventing since 1911, we are the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with more than 380,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries. With Watson, the AI platform for business, powered by data, we are building industry-based solutions. This is our vision for the future. This is where you can do your best work.

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Highlights from IBM
  • IBM Monica Logan

    Meet a Fairygodboss at IBM

    • Name

      Monica Logan

    • Position

      Digital Strategy & iX, COO & Offerings Lead

      Richmond, VA

    What’s your favorite part about your job and working at IBM Services?   
    I love the impact we have for our clients.  We help companies imagine the future and then work with them to make it real.  I'm always looking for the "light bulb" moment when we go from "no, we can't do that" to "yes, there's nothing stopping us".  I'm also fortunate to work with the absolute best in the business.  We aspire to get better each day.  We work hard and have fun during the journey.

    What would your colleagues say is your best quality?   
    I'm an optimist.  I don't see limits on what we can achieve for our clients or our people.  When faced with a difficult challenge, I focus on what it takes to get the job done.  Many people focus on how we got there vs what it takes to resolve a situation.  There's a time and place for everything.  Focus on first things first and be the spark that gets things going.

    Where's your favorite vacation spot and who do you take? 
    Aruba is my favorite vacation spot.  We go every year and enjoy the white sandy beaches, dazzling blue water, ocean breezes, and wonderful people.  It's been a joy to see my kids have that experience over the years.  We almost always invite other family members or friends to join.  We then experience it again through their eyes. 

    Share one thing that you are very passionate about...
    I'm passionate about helping people.  Whether it's volunteering at church, taking time to help a colleague, or just saying thanks for a job well done, I try my best to treat others as I want to be treated.  Life and work isn't always easy.  It's important to help each other along the way and to remember the power of teamwork and collaboration.

    What's your advice for finding a mentor or coach and are there any specific career development opportunities that have helped you the most in your career with IBM?   
    The best advice for finding a mentor is simply to ask.  Most people don't reach out and assume people are too busy. Take that leap and contact the person you want to be your mentor.  You'll be surprised about how receptive they'll be.  I've had several mentors / sponsors during my career.  They push me, champion me, and inspire me.  Find those individuals who recognize the value you bring.

    Interested in a career in consulting? Check out Women at IBM Services for more information and career opportunities!

  • IBM Lucia Larise Stavarache

    Meet a Fairygodboss at IBM

    • Name

      Lucia Larise Stavarache

    • Position

      Senior Solution Architect

      Dublin, OH

    What do you do in your current role and what are you known for at the company? 
    I am a Global Senior Solution Architect working in the Innovations & Platform team, actively looking at: big digital transformation and how can we IBM partner with our clients and optimizing:  IBM internal processes to empower to accelerate and mature Client Solutions. 

    What’s your favorite part about your job and working at IBM Services? 
    Complex Solution, Transformation Design, diversity & work-life balance.

    What would your colleagues say is your best quality? 

    What do you do outside of work for fun? 
    Tennis, swimming & painting. 

    What are your greatest accomplishments outside of IBM?  
    Dr. PhD. Computer Science - Analytics & Communities of Learning, Temporal Evolution and Behavior

    Where's your favorite vacation spot and who do you take? 
    Lanzarote, my swimming suit. 

    What is one of your most important professional achievements (most rewarding experience in your career to date)? 
    Mobile Head of Architecture for APMM Moeller Maersk

    Share one thing that you are very passionate about...  
    Learning and good conversation. 

    What's your advice for finding a mentor or coach and are there any specific career development opportunities that have helped you the most in your career with IBM?   
    Be honest and true on your passions and openly discuss your key interest and by sure there will be opportunity to meet senior people from whom you can learn and receive mentoring. Also, get out of your normal day, job and get involved into initiatives that stretch your capabilities and thinking, this will also you to meet new people and learn new things/discover new interest, enriching your overall work life balance.

    What valuable advice have you received in your career that helped get you here? 
    Listen (although is hard for me sometimes). 

    Interested in a career in consulting? Check out Women at IBM Services for more information and career opportunities!

  • IBM Anna Nguyen

    Meet a Fairygodboss at IBM

    • Name

      Anna Nguyen

    • Position

      IBM Research Software Engineer

      Austin, TX

    IBM's Tech Re-Entry Program is for talented technical professionals who took a break from the workforce and are looking to restart their careers. This paid internship will enable you to work on projects that match your expertise, interests, and abilities and could lead to full-time employment. Anna is one of the participants at IBM’s Tech Re-Entry program.

    How long was your career break?

    3 years

    What was your career background before joining IBM?   
    I had been a software engineer by education and vocation for 34 years, including four years at IBM (1996-2000, as part of IBM’s acquisition of Tivoli Systems).

    During the break:
    I acquired and ran a software company (consumer sewing application). Then I worked as patternmaker/operations manager/sewist/runway model for a fashion designer.

    When did you join IBM?       
    I rejoined IBM in March 2018 (I became an IBM employee in 1996 when IBM acquired Tivoli Systems. I was at IBM until 2000).

    What was your role during your internship?          
    I was a software engineer.

    How does it feel to be working in a strategic project at IBM now, after taking a career break?
    I love it!  Even though every technology that I deal with now is brand new to me, it feels like I have never been away. I suppose in this profession, one is always learning new things, so learning new things after a career break is no different than before the break.

    Anna is a participant in IBM’s Tech Re-Entry program. Find more information about this program at IBM’s Tech Re-Entry website to explore numerous career opportunities!

Twitter Updates

What Women Should Know about Working At IBM
At IBM, women have been making contributions to the advancement of information technology for almost as long as the company has been in existence. Where many companies proudly date their affirmative action programs to the 1970s, IBM has been creating meaningful roles for female employees since the 1930s.

Our history supporting the advancement of women:

1899   Hired our first female employee

1934   IBM recruited its first female professional

1935   First written equal opportunity policy "Men and women will do the same kind of work for equal pay. They will have the same treatment, the same responsibilities and the same opportunity for advancement."  IBM founder, Thomas J. Watson Sr

This was almost 30 years before the US passed the Equal Pay Act

1943   First woman vice president, Ruth Leach -- we believe, the first woman to be appointed to such a position in corporate America

2006   Longtime IBMer, Fran Allen became the first woman to receive the prestigious Turing Award for technical contributions to the computing community

2012    First woman CEO appointed – Virginia Rometty


Industry Recognition
  • IBM has joined the Ad Council and four other major tech companies working on #SheCanSTEM to bring more girls into STEM by showcasing the achievements of role models like DeLuca.
  • IBM has been recognized by Working Mother magazine as one of the Top Companies for working mothers for 32 consecutive years.  In 2005, we were inducted into the Working Mother magazine Hall of Fame.
  • IBM has been awarded as one of Working Mother magazine's Top Companies for Women of Color since 2003.
  • IBM is a four-time Catalyst Award winner, recognizing innovative approaches for developing women.
  • In 2018, IBM is once again one of NAFE’s Top 10 Companies for Executive Women, for the 12th year in a row.

IBM executives focus on women technical executive and technical pipeline
  • We have programs to attracts mid-career professional women “back” to a technical career path, both inside and outside of IBM.
  • We aggressively develop the pipeline of women technical leaders via personalized technical learning roadmaps for women re-entering the technical career path and provide personalized, local technical learning opportunities for all technical women.
  • We provide opportunities for technical engagement, inside and outside of IBM, and expand individual awareness/understanding of the technical career path throughout the company.
  • We ensure women technical leaders remain in and progress to positions of value, aligned with business demand. 

IBM develops leadership offerings to advance women
  • We offer high touch, high impact development courses aimed to increase and retain the number of women progressing towards and attaining executive roles.  Our program results confirm higher promotion rates for talented women resulting from greater confidence, networking and influence, and higher retention rates resulting from greater sense of power, achievement and IBM’s commitment to their advancement.

IBM features women in our Academy of Technology
  • We have a society of IBM technical leaders organized to advance the understanding of key technical areas, improve communications in and development of IBM's global technical community, and engage clients in technical pursuits of common value.
  • The Academy promotes women in the THINK Series, which is internal and external livestream events.
  • Provides emerging technical leaders and next generation of technologists playlists of women subject matter experts. Read more at http://www-03.ibm.com/ibm/academy/index.html

Programs, initiatives, groups

    • Unconscious bias training
    • Yes
    • Internal mentorship / sponsorship programs
    • Yes
    • Internal employee networking
    • Yes
    • Succession planning initiatives
    • Yes
    • Diversity initiatives / processes for recruiting
    • Yes
    • Diversity initiatives / processes for performance evaluation
    • Yes

Flexible working

    • Flexible working policies
    • Our work-life integration and career development programs give you the power to design your workday and your life, according to your unique styles and needs. By taking advantage of our programs you can manage a life outside of the workplace with the challenging demands of a career. As your professional and personal needs change, we will work with you to adjust your career path so you can manage both effectively.
    • Remote working
    • Yes
    • Part-time working
    • Yes

Parental Leave

    • Overview: Parental leave policies
    • IBM has a set of robust and comprehensive parental leave offerings.  From expanded paid time off for mothers, fathers, and adoptive parents, to an innovative breast milk delivery service for nursing mothers on business travel. Recently upgraded lactation rooms and expectant mother parking are available at select IBM locations.  We provide priority enrollment at select child care centers near IBM offices, and discounts with national childcare providers. Employees are eligible to receive $50,000 towards services for each child with mental, physical or developmental disabilities. Access to these services are available to all IBMers, there is no waiting period as a new hire.
    • Paid maternity leave
    • Yes, 20 weeks
    • Unpaid maternity leave
    • Yes, at Manager discretion
    • Paid paternity leave
    • Yes, 12 weeks
    • Unpaid paternity leave
    • Yes, at Manager discretion
    • Adoptive paid leave
    • Yes, 12 weeks
    • Short-term disability benefits
    • Yes
    • Additional short-term disability info
    • Regular employees who are birth mothers of newborn children receive Short-Term Disability (STD) for a six - to eight - week period (six weeks for regular deliveries and eight weeks for a Cesarean birth). Additionally, employees can request 12 weeks paid bonding time off within 12 months of their child's birth or adoption. At manager discretion, paid parental bonding leave can be flexible and intermittent. The 12 weeks of paid parental bonding leave is in addition to the STD time.

Maternity-Related Benefits

    • Lactation facilities
    • Yes

Care-taking benefits

    • Care-taking benefits information
    • The IBM Global Work-Life Fund was created to address the dependent care needs of our employees i.e child care and elder care. IBM's investment in dependent care programs help IBM attract and retain valuable employees and help employees better manage work and personal & family responsibilities.  Some of the innovative programs: 

      -        Care General: Web based elder care management tool designed to simplify and coordinate the care process for family caregivers

      -        Priority Enrollment and Discounts at Child Care Centers

      -        Educational Camps for school age children

      -        Dependent Care Resources and Referrals 

      -        Lactation Rooms for nursing mothers

      -        Parenting webinars
    • Back-up childcare
    • Yes
    • On-site childcare
    • Yes
    • PTO that explicitly covers care-taking
    • Yes
    • Elder-care benefits
    • Yes

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