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United Technologies is a leader in the global building and aerospace businesses. Our investments in technology enable us to develop new and improved ways to keep people safe, comfortable, productive and on the move. UTC’s products touch millions of people every single day. By combining a passion for science with precision engineering, we create the smart, sustainable solutions that move the world forward. Our businesses include:

Otis-The world’s leading manufacturer and maintainer of people moving products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways.

Pratt & Whitney-A world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units.

UTC Aerospace Systems-One of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced aerospace products and systems for commercial, military and space customers.

UTC Climate, Controls & Security-Promotes safer and smarter sustainable buildings with state-of-the-art fire safety, security, building automation, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and services.
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    Meet a Fairygodboss at United Technologies

    • Name

      Dot Mynahan

    • Position

      Director of Field Operations in Latin America

      West Palm Beach, Florida

    With a successful career in a mechanical field usually occupied by men, Dot Mynahan uses her unique background as a platform for helping others excel at UTC. Dot is Director of Field Operations in Latin America for Otis, a United Technologies Company. She started her career with the company nearly 27 years ago after answering a newspaper ad; the curiosity and inquisitive nature that led her to apply for the job have carried her from a service clerk desk to the leadership role she occupies today.

    Similar to the rest of the construction industry, women account for less than ten percent of the field operations workforce at Otis, but Dot is committed to moving that needle and helping develop the company’s female leaders of tomorrow. In March 2017, she co-founded FORWARD, an Employee Resource Group to help women succeed in field operations, with a focus on mentoring, professional development and networking. In just six months, the ERG has grown from 12 local members to 300 members globally. The exposure and opportunity to connect with other women is powerful. “Many of our members had never met another woman in field operations. We gave them visibility to a career ladder and they were ready to start their climb,” Dot tells us.

    The passion that Dot has for her work and helping others is inspired daily by the ingenuity taking place at Otis. “I’ve been in the industry for 27 years and I’m still learning new things on a weekly basis.  Don’t just do your job. Ask how you can contribute beyond your role. Fill the gaps,” Dot adds. From developing a confined space program with a customer’s global subject matter expert to testifying in front of the Maryland State Legislature, Dot has not only filled gaps, but she has also used her knowledge to grow her teams and improve the organization along the way.

    Dot has sought professional growth opportunities throughout her career. She earned her B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology and an MBA through UTC’s Employee Scholar Program and was part of the first session of the Branch Manager Development Program in 2001.

    Dot’s commitment to her own career and helping others succeed in the workplace comes from a personal place; watching her mother re-enter the workforce after raising five daughters. She started in the school cafeteria, and upon learning that the state didn’t offer benefits to cafeteria workers, created a union to negotiate higher wages and benefit package. This same determination led Dot’s mother to become the first female health inspector in their hometown. Watching her mother step out of her comfort zone to flourish in her career made a big impression on Dot.

     “I hope FORWARD will provide a similar support structure for women at Otis so they, like my mother, can take that next step, learn new skill sets and thrive.”

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    Meet a Fairygodboss at United Technologies

    • Name

      Lauren Palmisano

    • Position

      Associate Director of International Tax

      Farmington, Connecticut

    I recently celebrated 10 years at UTC and I think it’s an amazing company to work for. As an Associate Director in the International Tax Group at UTC, I provide tax counsel on international reorganization transactions. During my time at UTC, I have taken advantage of opportunities to move around within the Tax function – representing UTC in tax audits and controversy matters, performing tax M&A for one of the business units and working within the state income tax group – and I appreciate the many different work experiences I’ve been exposed to over the years.

    It has always been evident to me that the company values its employees and encourages and invests in their lifelong learning.  After working at UTC for three years, I participated in the Employee Scholar Program, attending New York University School of Law to earn my LL.M in Taxation. The technical knowledge I gained through the program was game-changing and has allowed me to take on more challenging assignments.

    I am active in several Employee Resource Groups, including the Finance Women’s Forum. Through this group, I was matched with a mentor in a senior management position within the company. My mentor provides unique insights from a diverse perspective and I value the guidance I have received through our relationship. I am also part of the Finance Diversity and Inclusion Committee, leading a sub-committee effort focused on improving processes to help recruit and retain diverse talent.

    Last year, I participated in UTC’s Finance Development Week, an offsite workshop for finance professionals at UTC. We engaged in various trainings to develop both our technical knowledge of the company’s Finance function and our communication, teambuilding and leadership skills. The training was incredibly energizing and I felt a heightened sense of empowerment upon returning to work. I believe there is a continued commitment to my development as a leader at UTC and programs like the Finance Development Week serve as prime examples of the resources the company is willing to commit to support and develop its people. I always feel like the company is behind me and rooting for me to succeed.

    I am inspired by the people I work with every day. I find it rewarding to interface with a talented team that comes together to do what’s best for the organization, in the face of complex business issues. Outside of work, I love spending time with my two rescue dogs. I am also an avid runner and I have completed five marathons.

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    Meet a Fairygodboss at United Technologies

    • Name

      Kelly Young

    • Position

      Logistics Manager for Military Sustainment Programs

      East Hartford, Connecticut

    Kelly Young is the Logistics Manager for Military Sustainment Programs at Pratt & Whitney. Kelly knew she wanted to study engineering – “numbers just make sense to me” – and started her education as a mechanical engineer. She quickly realized she preferred the hands-on nature of manufacturing engineering, developing machines and processes. She graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering and was hired by Pratt & Whitney in 2000 as a Manufacturing Engineer (ME). Attending classes on nights and weekends through UTC’s Employee Scholar Program, Kelly earned two Master’s degrees: a Master’s in Marketing Management and an MBA. 

    Kelly is an engineer through and through – her detail-oriented planning and superb time management skills helped her to climb the corporate ladder at Pratt & Whitney while simultaneously holding the most important and time-consuming job title of all: Mom. Kelly has a daughter (8) and son (nearly 6), and in addition to her day job, she serves as a classroom mom and treasurer of the PTA. When her son was in preschool, Kelly learned the importance of participating in the everyday happenings of education, and became president of the Board of Directors of his school.

    The constant search for the perfect work/life balance doesn’t bother Kelly. She says simply, “It’s all about choices and attending to things that matter to you and to your family. I don’t feel that I’m missing out on anything; if I did, I’d make a change."

    Kelly approaches the juggling of her disparate roles with military precision – which makes sense given the military engines she’s responsible for. Time management is critically important, but Kelly says that she’s been most successful when she uses her time the way that works best for her. For instance, UTC’s flexible work schedule allows her to be home to meet the school bus. Kelly tells her teams that “if you’re getting your work done, I don’t need you sitting at a desk next to me to do it.” Kelly knows that she can rely on her entire team to prioritize and knows instinctively what to go after. Teamwork is critical to the success of the enterprise, and Kelly says that “Anyone can pick up the slack for anyone else on my team. We follow the mantra of ‘What do we need to do for the team to be successful?’”

    Kelly participated in the Darden “Emerging Leaders Program” in 2016, where she was immersed in a two-week executive MBA-style program focused on leaders and their impact to an organization. Kelly recently attended the Thayer Leadership Program at West Point Academy, where she and other participants learned about the army and its leadership philosophy. She has experience working on both the commercial and military side of Pratt & Whitney’s customer base. But it was the military service of her colleagues that inspired Kelly and her colleagues on the Diversity and Inclusion team to champion Pratt & Whitney’s “Military Honor Walls,” a physical wall in its buildings honoring the current or past military service of Pratt & Whitney employees. “Our goal is to have one in every office building: it’s just the right thing to do,” she says.

    Kelly is inspired by her dad, and lives by his advice “to always do your best. If you say you’ve done your best, there’s no reason to regret any decision you’ve made.” She also follows his principles of family first, believing that everything else will fall into place. When Kelly isn’t at work, on a field trip with her kids or traveling as a family of four, you can find her doing her playing volleyball or out for a long run.

What Women Should Know about Working At United Technologies
United Technologies Corporation recently signed onto Paradigm for Parity, which is a coalition of business leaders dedicated to addressing the corporate leadership gender gap. The pledge signifies a commitment to position women and men to have equal opportunity. Our ultimate goal is to achieve full gender parity by 2030, with a near-term goal of women holding at least 30% of senior roles.


Our success as a global technology leader relies on their unique talents, perspectives and experiences – and our goal is to ensure our workplace actively fosters respect, inclusion and opportunities for all employees.  UTC is able to offer unparalleled career opportunities throughout our many business units across all disciplines including but not limited to operations, finance, engineering, digital technology, human resources, and legal. 

We also know that work and career aren’t the only priorities in life, so UTC offers a variety of work-life support systems that help employees balance the demands of their jobs with their personal commitments. These benefits include flexible work arrangements, elder and dependent care resources, employee assistance program, wellness programs, fitness facilities, tuition reimbursement and financial assistance for child adoption.  These are just a few of the ways in which our dynamic and inclusive culture unites work and life.

Gender diversity statistics

    • Gender diversity information
    • UTC is committed to a culture of diversity that promotes inclusion and workplace equality for everyone. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) offer career development programs, networking opportunities, mentoring programs, are involved in their communities, and provide a voice to the company regarding issues pertinent to a range of topics.  The ERGs have a collective mission of supporting our efforts to attract, develop and retain top talent globally. They are instrumental in assisting with the design of mentoring programs, retention initiatives, philanthropic outreach, and important policy and guideline recommendations.

      UTC has over 100 ERGs across nine affinities globally. These affinities include: Generational, LGBT, African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Ability, Military/Veteran, Professional and women.


      Our women-focused ERGs provide professional development, mentoring and an opportunity to build community. For example, the mission of the Finance Women’s Forum is to advance and promote women within finance. As our largest ERG, it also boasts one of the longest standing mentoring programs in the organization. Based on their work and voice, UTC’s Finance organization now has more women in very senior leadership roles than ever before.
    • Women in workforce
    • 25%
    • Women holding senior management
    • 31%
    • Women directors on board
    • 25%

Programs, initiatives, groups

    • Additional information
    • Employee Scholar Program (ESP) - United Technologies Corporation offers its employees the opportunity to continue their education with the company-sponsored employee education program. It is one of the most comprehensive company-sponsored employee education programs in the world. Since 1996, we’ve invested nearly $1.25 billion to empower employees to do amazing things. Those employees have earned more than 37,000 degrees across 50 countries, and 30 percent of degrees earned through this program have been granted to women. Since 2012, women have represented 29 percent of all ESP participants. In 2016, 28.5 percent of the total enrollments of ESP were women.

      Executive Development- In 1999, UTC began a partnership with University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business to create a three-tiered leadership development program. The Emerging Leader Program (ELP) addresses core leadership issues and supports corporate-wide objectives. ELP is focused on developing high performing, high potential middle managers as they prepare for increased responsibility. The program emphasizes application of fundamental business concepts that are directly relevant to managerial roles. Participants learn to think more broadly and globally with an enterprise perspective and understand UTC financial drivers and business models. Since 2012, Darden has maintained a 22 percent female participation rate. This is a nomination-only program designated for high-potential employees.

      Re-Empower Program- Experienced professionals sometimes take a career break for a variety of personal and professional reasons.  Returning to work after an absence of two or more years can seem daunting. To help with this transition, UTC’s Re-Empower Program is designed specifically to help you bring your knowledge, experience, training and creativity back to the workforce. Over the course of the four-month program, professionals will gain paid, on-the-job experience, have an opportunity to participate in sessions with leadership, develop personalized plans for success, and receive coaching to guide their reentry experience.  Upon completion of the program, based on performance and contributions, participants will be eligible for full-time employment.  UTC will start actively recruiting for its Re-Empower Program in Fall 2017 and will officially launch its first cohort of the Re-Empower Program in January 2018.
    • Unconscious bias training
    • Yes
    • Internal mentorship / sponsorship programs
    • Yes
    • Internal employee networking
    • Yes
    • Succession planning initiatives
    • Yes
    • Diversity initiatives / processes for recruiting
    • Yes
    • Diversity initiatives / processes for performance evaluation
    • Yes
    • Sabbatical leave benefits
    • Yes
    • Executive coaching
    • Yes

Flexible working

    • Flexible working policies
    • United Technologies Corporation is committed to providing a family friendly work environment for all employees. We encourage our employees to utilize our UTfleX program. We understand that to recruit and maintain a world-class workforce, attention must be paid to supporting employees as they manage their work and personal responsibilities. While not a new benefit, UTC has re-launched its flexible work options supported by resources to help employees think through what is needed to ensure the arrangement will be successful.  This relaunch focus is on strengthening a culture that embraces flexibility for all, and includes manager training and coaching to help them be creative in meeting individual requests for flexibility as long as business needs are met. Advancing flexibility regardless of gender or family situation removes potential stigma for women and parents who flex.  With senior leadership’s commitment to utilization, we are able to support employees and managers in a flexible work environment.
    • Remote working
    • Yes
    • Part-time working
    • Yes

Parental Leave

    • Overview: Parental leave policies
    • UTC offers up to four weeks with full pay and benefits if you are a birth mother, legally adopt a child, are a birth father, receive a surrogate child or become the legal guardian of a child under 18 years of age.
    • Paid maternity leave
    • Yes, new birth moms can and are encouraged to take up to 8 weeks of paid maternity leave. This leave is in addition to the parental leave already available to fathers, adoptive parents, surrogate recipients, and new legal guardians, offering up to as much as 12 weeks of paid leave in total.
    • Unpaid maternity leave
    • Yes, UTC offers an unpaid leave of absence for the birth, adoption or placement of a child, and for the serious health condition of an employee or an employee’s family member. An unpaid leave is also available to care for an ill or injured covered service member or covered veteran or because of any qualifying exigency arising out of the fact that the employee’s spouse, child or parent is on covered active duty.
    • Paid paternity leave
    • Yes
    • Unpaid paternity leave
    • Yes
    • Adoptive paid leave
    • Yes
    • Short-term disability benefits
    • Yes

Maternity-Related Benefits

    • Lactation facilities
    • Yes

Care-taking benefits

    • Care-taking benefits information
    • Employees at UTC can contribute from $120 up to $5000 a year tax-free to pay for eligible child care and/or elder care expenses so that employees (or employees and their spouse) can work, look for work, or attend school full-time. Eligible expenses include:

      ·  Child care for children younger than age 13, including:

      ·  Child care provide in your home (by someone who is not your dependent)

      ·  Licensed nursery school or day care center, and

      ·  Summer day camps (day care expenses only)

      ·  Elder care for eligible dependents, in-home or at eligible facilities
    • Childcare subsidies
    • Yes
    • PTO that explicitly covers care-taking
    • Yes
    • Elder-care benefits
    • Yes

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