We crowdsource Nestle's maternity, paternity and parental leave policies, based on Nestle's employee reviews and anonymous tips from Nestle employees.

Nestle Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies

Nestle offers 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. This information is based on anonymous tips submitted by employees.

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Consumer Packaged Goods: Packaged Foods Maternity and Paternity Leave

How many weeks of paid maternity, unpaid maternity, paid paternity and unpaid paternity leave do employers in the Consumer Packaged Goods: Packaged Foods industry offer?

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Maternity Leaves Taken at Nestle

  • Mommy4 12 weeks paid weeks unpaid

Nestle Maternity Leave Comments

  • "standard maternity leave policy. 6 weeks covered at 100% of pay, 6 weeks no pay, full 12 weeks FMLA coverage. Nestle has a decent vacation policy that allows you to rolls time over year to year. If you can bank enough time you can use vacation time to over the 6 weeks of unpaid leave. Essentially iwas able to have a fully paid 12 week leave. They also keep you on active employee status during leave so you continue to accrue vacation time while out on leave. Once you have proven yourself as a valuable employee you can usually work with your manager on extending leave an additional 30 days. This is unpaid but you can supplement with vacation days. Minimal support to phase back into work but some managers will allow it. Most people are too afraid to ask for anything beyond the standard 12 week STD/FMLA policy " - Mommy4
  • "You can take up to 6 months off. 14 weeks paid at 100% the remainder would be at no pay" - Anonymous

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