We crowdsource PepsiCo's maternity, paternity and parental leave policies, based on PepsiCo's employee reviews and anonymous tips from PepsiCo employees.

PepsiCo Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies

PepsiCo offers 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, 6 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, 4 weeks of paid paternity leave and 8 weeks of unpaid paternity leave. This information is based on anonymous tips submitted by employees.

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Consumer Packaged Goods: Beverages Maternity and Paternity Leave

How many weeks of paid maternity, unpaid maternity, paid paternity and unpaid paternity leave do employers in the Consumer Packaged Goods: Beverages industry offer?

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  • 8 9
  • 6 9
  • 4 3
  • 4 4

Maternity Leaves Taken at PepsiCo

  • Lady lavendar 4 weeks paid 52 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Halcyon 4 weeks paid 8 weeks unpaid
  • Madam Veruca Salt 8 weeks paid 4 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Gert 6 weeks paid 6 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Bo 1 weeks paid 12 weeks unpaid
  • Sherman22 10 weeks paid 6 weeks unpaid
  • anon1420 9 weeks paid 6 weeks unpaid
  • AnonPep 24 weeks paid weeks unpaid
  • PepsiCo83 6 weeks paid weeks unpaid
  • barr0377 8 weeks paid weeks unpaid
  • anon3053 15 weeks paid weeks unpaid
  • User279 8 weeks paid weeks unpaid
  • pepmom 10 weeks paid 2 weeks unpaid

PepsiCo Maternity Leave Comments

  • "I've worked here for 2.5 years. The amount of women present in various roles, functions, & levels is quite remarkable. Maybe it helps since the CEO is a woman, which is absolutely great! I've just come back from maternity leave; I took 12 wks off (6 paid). So far the transition back to work has been smooth. Only downfall is that my manager doesn't respect the time I have blocked for pumping." - Madam Veruca Salt
  • "Standard FMLA (6 weeks paid for normal delivery; 8 weeks for C Section). 4 weeks of paid parental leave. Total paid = 10 weeks for normal delivery. " - Sherman22
  • "Depends on your manager how long you can take unpaid. " - anon1420
  • "Equal, fair, supportive, leadership advancement opportunity, good maternity leave, fexible work hours" - Natasha
  • "We are a large successful organisation with incredible leaders that in my experience, role model diversity in the workplace. Over 10 years I have been continuously challenged whilst also feeling supported, including over two maternity leaves. My career success has not depended on any 24/7 availability and I continue to take advantage of flexible working arrangements. " - AnonPep
  • "Just not enough, need 3 months paid to bond with baby properly." - PepsiCo83
  • "Good family benets/maternity leave Depends on what department you work in how flexible you can be with working from home etc" - barr0377
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