Have things gotten better, worse, or stayed the same for women at IBM in the past year?


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April 2018

In many organizations in IBM, new policies put in place in 2017-2018 require that people in most job roles work in the office every day. Working from home has been eliminated for many positions. This affects women more than men because the affected organizations, like Marketing, have a high percentage of women. The flexibility that once let IBM women (and men) care for children and elderly parents, and achieve a better work-life balance, has been eliminated. Also, the high-stress work environment with constant layoffs are negatively affecting the work environment for both women and men. There are constant layoffs that mostly affect older workers, whether male or female.

January 2019

We've changed to a 100% company based system (home office no more), but moms still have te benefit of working from home when needed.

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