fairygodboss was created
by women, for women

It's not always easy being a woman in the workplace.

Born in 2015 while our CEO was interviewing while 2 months pregnant (and hiding it), Fairygodboss helps women get hard-to-ask questions answered. We help you get the inside scoop on pay, corporate culture, benefits and work flexibility. We offer company ratings, job listings, discussion boards and career advice.

Join us, and power a world where women help women!

Our mission is to improve the lives and workplace for women, through transparency.

our founders

Georgene Huang (left) and Romy Newman (right) know the value of deep career research. They certainly did a lot of it in school (Cornell, Stanford, Yale and Northwestern Universities) and while working their way up and through Big Law, Wall Street, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Estee Lauder, and Google. Whether you work in a small non-profit or a big corporate firm, we're obsessed with making sure you know what you're getting into.

Georgene Huang and Romy Newman

the golden rule: be constructive, not destructive

To be explicit, this means we will remove postings that comprise only criticism of others, and that contain insults, or derogatory, offensive language. Please remember the most effective way to disagree is to write your own compelling review.

frequently asked questions

Are my reviews really anonymous?

Yes. We do not ask our users for their names and do not publicly disclose or display your email address to anyone. In fact, if we discover that you included information in a review that may be used to personally identify you, we may take it down.

Can I trust these reviews?

We never pay for reviews or try to influence them because our community is trying to help each other by providing honest opinions.

Does your site account for international differences?

We are starting in the United States but plan on expanding to other countries. If you work in a non-U.S. office, please indicate that in your review so other users understand.

Where Do You Get Your Company Data?

We rely 100% on our members to submit tips about their companies policies. If you see something that needs updating, please submit a tip!

Do You Ever Remove Reviews?

Yes. We reserve the right to remove reviews that violate our Golden Rule. In general, we do not remove reviews based on judgment or opinion because we have no basis to evaluate, or arbitrate user-posted material.

How Do You Make Money?

We will never charge our members to see or use reviews. In the future, we may charge employers who are interested in reports showing how they compare to others, or who may be interested in listing jobs or advertising with us.