This week, I added 2 more books for my Spring/Summer sit outside with a cool beverage vibe. Books that were purchased were a result of networking, webinars, interviews, shadowing, and being an invited guest on a series episodes. The books with the backstory are: 1. Power Shift - Daymond John (Power and Shift are strong words that require action. I did quite a lot of reflection.) 2. Cybersecurity Leadership: Powering the Modern Organization - Dr. Mansur Hasib, CISSP, PMP, CPHIMS (An awesome invite as a guest - #drcybersecurity episodes, with Alexander Schindler, Jesse R.J. Qurollo, Noureen Njoroge, and Rafael Ramirez. Networked w/Christine Smoley and Korinne M. Jackman) 3. Blue Team Handbook: SOC, SIEM, and Threat Hunting (V1.02): A Condensed Guide for the Security Operations Team and Threat Hunter - This Book was one of the selected resources that Michael Dobbs suggested. Great connection with professionals William McKelphin and Joshua Nast. 4. Rethinking InfoSec - Greg van der Gaast - Rethinking InfoSec (He posted news about a job issue and it got my attention.) 5. Women, Lead! - Beth Caldwell (Attended Fairygodboss and her webinar - "Conquering Conflict and Addresing Awkward Situations at Work". Great strategies! **I'll review my takeaways in late summer. | Fairygodboss
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