This morning as I was scrolling through social media I saw a tweet where a job description asked for 4 years experience on FastApi. The person responded that he wouldn't be able to apply for the job since he only had 1.5 years experience, since he created it. ? When I managed a team I was less concerned with how much time someone had used a tool and more concerned with their personality and a fit for the team because any tool can be taught. If the person has the right mentality. Also i feel like these requirements are inflated to make up for a lacking within in teams. My HR people used to get so upset with me for asking them to take out programming and years experience but I honestly don't believe that is a deal breaker and should be added under bonus. What are your thoughts? | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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Krishna Francis
Fintech Analyst, Mom, Champion of Women's Rights
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Yaca Attwood
Database Administrator
I completely agree with you on team cohesion and team fit - I’ve been a part of teams with ‘MacGuyver’ types that knew everything and anything about applications, operating systems, languages and servers - but couldn’t be bothered to return user calls, respond to emails, attend meetings, or do Change Management processes. They were kept because of their incredible problem-solving ability and rescue ability in critical situations My team worked because I was willing to do the boring, mundane things as well as exciting technology stuff - I didn’t know everything there was to know about various flavors of Unix, or Windows, Oracle or SQL Server - but users knew I’d answer calls, respond to emails, attend meetings and do Change Management to get things into production in a organized manner. If I didn’t know something, I’d find out, or find the person who did know. I was the one my manager had me do reports and audits because I’d actually do them. It’s fine to have brilliant, skilled folks - but you also need those who will see things to completion in a timely manner and respond to users.
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