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PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader with a product portfolio including 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. Our main businesses – Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, Frito-Lay and Pepsi-Cola – make hundreds of enjoyable foods and beverages that are loved throughout the world.

We are focused on delivering sustainable long-term growth while leaving a positive imprint on society and the environment  what we call Performance with Purpose. Our focus includes transforming our portfolio and offering healthier options while making our food system more sustainable and communities more prosperous. In doing so we believe we will pave the way for PepsiCo’s future growth and help others thrive.

At PepsiCo, we believe our continued success depends on a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Our teams reflect the diversity of our communities and consumers. And inclusion is a way of life. In an ever-changing environment, we know that creativity from individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences is critical.

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    Meet a Fairygodboss at PepsiCo

    • Name

      Ciara Dilley

    • Position

      Global Senior Director, Lay’s Innovation

      Purchase, New York

    Joining PepsiCo two years ago, Ciara Dilley brings 18 years of experience working with iconic brands. She currently directs the global innovation agenda for Lay’s. In 2016, she relocated from Europe to New York to further develop the role. 
    Her expertise in brand and innovation marketing is complemented by a history of customer-focused experience gained while working closely with retail customers to deliver outstanding execution. After studying law and German at Trinity College in Dublin, she joined Guinness in a marketing graduate program and subsequently obtained a permanent position in brand marketing. She went on to head the Marketing and Sales Activation departments for Campbell Soup before taking a position with Kellogg Europe where she made the European Innovation department best-in-class. 
    Dilley is passionate about advancing career Possibilities for women in the workplace and dedicates considerable time to coaching and mentoring her team and extended network. In 2016 she organized PepsiCo’s Global Women’s Group to support, encourage and engage PepsiCo’s global female populations. 
    The Global Women’s Group brings together female PepsiCo employees from the global groups who come from diverse backgrounds and countries. Utilizing their range of experiences, the group is making an impact by starting a new dialogue about the role of women in the workplace. During its inaugural year, the group launched two mentoring programs: one to support women active in the group and another for those returning from maternity leave. 

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What Women Should Know about Working At PepsiCo

Diversity is fundamental to PepsiCo’s heritage. In the 1940s, we broke the color barrier in the U.S. by hiring African-American salespeople. In the 1950s, we were the first major company to appoint a woman to our Board. We made history again in 1962, when we named Harvey C. Russell the first African-American vice president of any major company in the country. Today, our company is led by Indra Nooyi, the first woman and person of color to serve as PepsiCo’s Chairman and CEO.

PepsiCo has a strong commitment to increasing female participation in the workforce, and we strive to increase the number of women leaders within PepsiCo. Our teams are stronger whenever and wherever women are present. To guide us on this journey, PepsiCo is an endorser of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles–Equality Means Business and proud sponsors and partners of the United State of Women Summit, where we signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge, and of the Women in the World Summit

A decade ago, we launched Performance with Purpose (PwP) – PepsiCo’s vision to deliver top-tier financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into our business strategy. Since then we have demonstrated what’s possible when a company does well by also doing good.

Through PwP 2025, we will substantially increase our efforts to improve the products we sell, protect our planet and empower people around the world in order to contribute solutions to shared challenges. Our commitment to women and girls is central to our People goals:

Support Diversity, Women’s Advancement & Working Caregivers

We’re committed to building a diverse and engaged workforce that reflects the global communities where we do business. By attracting, hiring and developing diverse talent with different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds, we continuously work to foster an inclusive environment.

We strive to achieve gender parity in our management roles and pay equity for women by cultivating an environment and mind-set for behaviors that support diversity and engagement at all levels across PepsiCo, and by implementing a comprehensive review process to support pay equity for women.

We measure our progress in women’s advancement in part against how well the company’s programs support women’s unique needs and by applying holistic solutions across our global business.

We support working caregivers by actively managing equitable and supportive workplace policies and benefits, such as paid family leave, childcare support, and flexible work hours and arrangements, where possible, to address the needs of all of our associates and to help working caregivers meet their responsibilities in the workplace and at home.

Spur Prosperity

In partnership with the PepsiCo Foundation, we have invested $100 million to support initiatives to benefit at least 12.5 million women and girls around the world in communities near where we work. We believe that a comprehensive and holistic approach will help these young women achieve success, which in turn has the power to transform and build sustainable communities.

By focusing our expertise, resources and strategic partnerships, our goal is to enable 1.5 million young women to progress through school and be successful in the workforce, creating social and economic opportunities that will benefit their broader communities.

We support skills development in specialized disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering and math, as preparation for active roles in the global economy.

We provide women and their families with education and market-relevant workforce training, as well as support for nutrition, safe water access, infrastructure and sustainable agriculture.

To learn more, visit www.pepsico.com/purpose

Programs, initiatives, groups

    • Sabbatical leave benefits
    • Yes

Flexible working

    • Flexible working policies
    • Formal Global Flex Policy guidelines are in place and will be communicated throughout 2017.
    • Remote working
    • Yes, this is part of the Global Flex Policy Guidelines. Salaried employees may be able to work from home or a non-PepsiCo location up to two days a week.

Parental Leave

    • Overview: Parental leave policies
    • In the U.S., PepsiCo offers 4 weeks of paid Parental Leave to new moms and new dads after the birth or adoption of a child. Combined with short-term disability, new mothers can receive at least  up to 10 weeks, or more if they have a caesarian, of paid leave after the birth of a child (up to 12 weeks if delivery by C-section). Our paid Parental Leave policy applies to both salaried and hourly employees.
    • Paid maternity leave
    • Yes, in addition to 4 weeks of paid Parental Leave mothers are eligible for 6 weeks of short-term disability leave for a natural delivery or 8 weeks for a C-section.
    • Unpaid maternity leave
    • Yes, Family/Medical Leave is available up to 12 weeks total for the year and runs concurrently with Short-Term Disability Leave and/or Parental Leave.
    • Paid paternity leave
    • Yes, PepsiCo offers paid Parental Leave to eligible employees to allow for a time of bonding with their newborn or newly adopted child. Up to four weeks of paid Parental Leave is available for births or adoptions.
    • Unpaid paternity leave
    • Yes, Family/Medical Leave, up to 12 weeks.
    • Adoptive paid leave
    • Yes, paid Parental Leave up to 4 weeks.

Maternity-Related Benefits

    • Lactation facilities
    • Yes, lactation facilities are available in many locations.
    • Fertility benefits
    • Yes, eligible members can participate in the Reproductive Resource Services Program (RRSP) designed to help members understand fertility treatment options, follow the best treatment process, and maximize their benefits. There is a combined (medical and prescription drug claims) lifetime maximum of $35,000.
    • On-Ramping/Off-Ramping before and after parental leave
    • Yes, policy for on-ramping / off-ramping scheduled to be released January, 2017.

Care-taking benefits

    • Back-up childcare
    • Yes, center-based and in-home, back-up childcare is available for up to 15 days per year per employee. Minimal co-pays apply.
    • On-site childcare
    • Yes, on-site or near-site childcare will be available in locations with more than 2,000 employees by 2018.
    • Childcare subsidies
    • Yes, discounts are available at select childcare facilities.
    • Elder-care benefits
    • Yes, in-home, back-up eldercare is available for up to 15 days per year per employee. Minimal co-pays apply.

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