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Google Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies

Google offers 20 weeks of paid maternity leave, 11 weeks of unpaid maternity leave and 10 weeks of paid paternity leave. This information is based on anonymous tips submitted by employees.

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Technology: Consumer Internet Maternity and Paternity Leave

How many weeks of paid maternity, unpaid maternity, paid paternity and unpaid paternity leave do employers in the Technology: Consumer Internet industry offer?

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  • 6 8
  • 6 8
  • 6 6

Maternity Leaves Taken at Google

  • Lady Catalina 12 weeks paid 10 weeks unpaid
  • Lady yorkiepoo 16 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady Chartres 22 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Madam anon204 12 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady googler207 18 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • rahas Girl 16 weeks paid 30 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon216 30 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon214 22 weeks paid 1 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon213 20 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady techmama 16 weeks paid 4 weeks unpaid
  • Lady susu 22 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady 210an 22 weeks paid 0 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon209 22 weeks paid 1 weeks unpaid
  • Lady anon201 20 weeks paid 52 weeks unpaid
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Google Maternity Leave Comments

  • "Excellent maternity leave benefits, women's career development programs and flexibility options. However, not all managers are on board with flexible work options (part time) and it can be a real career setback if your manager does not truly support it." - Lady anon204
  • "Helps to have a woman who heads up your direct area. I've seen women in my org go on multiple maternity leaves and get promoted to Director." - Lady Chartres
  • "I've worked here for 8 years. I have a woman boss (also a mom). When I went on maternity leave, she did not want me to take the full amount the company allows and have heard from 2 other women they had similar experiences. She phrased it as "well, most people don't take the whole 3 months, so just let me know when you plan on returning, because lots of things can change." She has systematically demoted (by placing layers in between) women with children with unmarried women or men. She did this to me while on maternity leave as well as got rid of my flexible time and working from home ability. I still score "exceeds expectations" in reviews. I have talked to other executives about this problem and have gotten a "it's something we need to take a look at" response. I won't be there much longer." - Lady techmama
  • "good maternity leave" - Lady susu
  • "This is a great company to work for. The maternity leave is apparently one of the best in the country. That being said, I think the US needs to get with the rest of the developed world and change their policy to allow women the ability to take one year off to spend with their new child. Its the right thing to do." - Lady Lovesalot
  • "It's a lovely place to work, as long as you don't rock the boat. Except climbing the career ladder to be constant fight to prove your competency. Ideally, find and stick with a good manager, who will know you and give you opportunities to develop. Changing manager will set you back on average 6 months, in my experience. The majority of women have issues with their careers after maternity leave, unless they are still in a basic individual contributor role." - Lady Ready
  • "I've worked here for over 5 years. Great maternity benefits. Most of the leadership is still men, but they are working on bringing in more senior women leaders." - Madam Jwo
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