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Women who are it engineers have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $50k-$80k.

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Lady Amaze123 Bank of America Corporation IT Engineer
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January 1970

The money isn't worth it, even for a short period of time. Keep looking and get experience at a place that treats you like a human being. It felt and smelled like a corporate level sweatshop. Imagine yourself in a dark windowless room for 9 hours a day, just looking at a computer screen, hoping you're doing the right thing, because there's little to no transparency or direction on projects. You start working on a project, feel like you're getting traction, only to have some Exec pull the rug out from underneath you, so you switch direction and go 100mph at something else instead, and even then you might not be doing the right thing. Not sure? Don't worry your project manager will let you know in front of everyone tomorrow at your morning standup. 1) Boys Club Culture - even the women "played the game" in order to get ahead. It was really sad. No real support from any women in power positions. 2) Visa workers really hurt the work culture because they are just happy to have a job in America, they put up with anything. The visa workers would come in ridiculously early, work late, work weekends unpaid, work in inhumane conditions, get shouted down by managers and still come back with a smile on their face. 3) Zero on-boarding or training to get you oriented, they just throw you in and you have to figure it out. 5) Lack of management support or guidance - you only saw them when things were going wrong. 6) Maternity leave is a bait and switch - they tease you with 3 months paid leave, you have to wait a full working year to even qualify for it, if you're not laid off when they re-do budgets every year.

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