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Women who are senior planners have an overall job satisfaction level of 2, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $80k-$100k.

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GoodOne Coach, Inc. Senior Planner
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January 1970

In the year and a half I was employed at Coach, my job responsibilites changed several times switching due to a "brand transformation". At one point I was planning both full price and outlet channels which was very difficult to adjust to and was given minimal support by management to be successful. My area went from 4 planners to 1 planner plus a part time temp, but workload remained the same. Quite a few managers and directors were promoted because of favortism. The company also does group layoffs every few years to boost operating margin. Work hours vary by division. Full price retail works 9-5 and leaving earlier, while Outlet hours are longer, more like 8:30-6:30 with long nights (past 8 pm during a buy or reforecasting cycle). Allocation stays much later across both channels. Overall, the planning team skews young so few women have children. The ones that do struggle with work life balance.

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Improve work-life balance and policies (e.g. flex-time, limit face time)

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