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Women who are senior vice presidents have an overall job satisfaction level of 3.5, 50% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $100k-$150k.

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Lady Petri State Street Corporation Senior Vice President, Institutional Services America
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January 1970

Boston is pale, male and stale, the boys still try to do everything the old school way. There is a desire to change with some of the top of the house but within the executive levels there continues to be a lot of outdated approaches. Generally I beleive that women are seen as important, and diversity is a common discussion item; however I don't see the commitment to advance women into leadership positions.

Job Satisfaction Level
9 hours
20 paid / 0 unpaid
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Lady Busybee45 Wells Fargo Senior vice president, Wholesale banking
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January 1970

I've worked in corporate banking for 10+ years and Wells Fargo was by far the most formal, inflexible bank to date. My office is 90% men but they do offer a wellness room for pumping. I'm in California and found all the HR staff on the phone didn't know the California leave rules. It's amazing in a company of 250,000 people the only way to find out the true leave information was by word of mouth from other mothers. Overall they did a great job supporting me when I came back and I feel like my career didn't skip a beat which is nice.

Job Satisfaction Level
8 hours
3 paid / 15 unpaid

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