Georgene Huang
CEO & Co-founder of Fairygodboss

In July 2020, Fairygodboss released a public statement regarding the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and our commitment to improving our own company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. While we believe most startups our stage and size do not measure their demographic diversity, we nevertheless committed to surveying our small group of employees on their demographics and to publishing and updating that information regularly.

Below are the results of our anonymous demographic surveys, starting with the most recent:

February 2021

July 2020

In 2020, we dedicated ourselves to sharing this data at least annually, and use it to inform our recruiting practices. We also implemented demographic questionnaires for all incoming job-applicants, required diverse slates for all open roles at our company and expanded the number of job listing partnerships to ensure our applicant pool is representative and diverse. Simply put, we are creating accountability and transparency, and committed to continuous improvement.