Whether you’re a podcast fiend or you merely binged on “Serial” a few years ago promptly forgot that podcasts exist, the holiday season is the ideal time to immerse yourself in some new stories or commentary. As you travel or (perhaps more realistically) become a hermit, here’s what you should listen to:


"I am huge true crime fan, and I’m especially addicted to true crime podcasts. A few of my favorites are Up and Vanished, Dirty John, My Favorite Murder, and Unconcluded. I have to balance out the true crime stories with a little bit of fun and always look forward to my weekly dose of celebrity gossip with Jezebel’s Dirtcast — as well as helpful (and funny) advice with Anna Faris Is Unqualified."

—Mary, Fairygodboss Director of Business Development and Partnerships


"Every Friday, I look forward to the latest episode of Call Your Girlfriend. Hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, the ‘podcast for long distance besties everywhere’ takes a look at the comings and goings of the week, everything from politics, to pop culture, to women’s health. Confident and incredibly funny, it’ll make you want to call your bestie and your senator."

—Anna, Fairygodboss Business Development Strategist 


"I recently listened to all six episodes of Missing Richard Simmons during one long car trip. I knew very little about the famed fitness guru before listening, but I was totally fascinated from start to finish. The series, narrated by filmmaker Dan Taberski, who was a friend of Simmons’, delves why the public figure mysteriously disappeared in February of 2015."

—Sam, Fairygodboss Editorial Director


"I’m OBSESSED with This American Life — and it has its own app so you can listen to all the back episodes. Given recent current events, check out the episode called Testosterone. Also, they just released a two-part episode about immigration and its impact on a small town in Alabama called “Our Town.” Just fantastic!

"Also, Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History. Elegant and Eloquent."

—Romy, Fairygodboss President & Co-Founder


Alison, West Coast Sales Director at Fairygodboss, puts us all to shame with her wonderfully comprehensive list of favorite podcasts. She’s even categorized them, so you can select choices from the subjects that interest you most:  


Science and Technology

Every Little Thing

StartUp Podcast

Science Vs

Reply All


Note to Self



This American Life

The Nod



Death, Sex & Money

Another Round

The Month


Economy/Current Affairs

Rough Translations

Planet Money

Fresh Air




RadioLab Presents: More Perfect


Stand Alone Stories 






Start Ups

StartUp Podcast

How I Built This