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Doing This 1 Thing Made My Job Search Way More Productive
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As a data analyst, Jennifer C. is definitely of the opinion that knowledge equals power. That’s partly why she turned to Fairygodboss’ job postings and employer reviews during her recent job search, in the hopes she’d find a new gig with “well-defined expectations” on both sides (spoiler alert — she did!). Arming yourself with the right intel, she confirmed, is key if you're going to find a company that's a mutually good fit and ultimately make your search a "much more productive process."

Jennifer recently shared with us her best advice for her fellow job-seeking lady bosses (“Learn as much as you can about what you want”) and more!

Jennifer C.

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer C.)

Fairygodboss:  Tell us about your dream job!

Jennifer C.: My dream job is really more of a dream situation/environment versus a specific role. It’d be one where I can work semi-autonomously with a supportive team around me, intellectual or somehow scientific in nature, allows me the time and freed for my non-work pursuits, promotes professional and/or personal development, and financially supports my passions.

FGB: How has Fairygodboss impacted your career search?

JC:  Fairygodboss was one of many resources I’ve looked to for advice in approaching networking and interviews, and more generally about industries, companies and hiring.

FGB: What is most important to you in a new employer/role?

JC: Most important to me in a new employer is going to be well-defined expectations and facilitating feedback!

FGB: Do you have any advice to other women who are currently looking for a new role? Would you recommend Fairygodboss to them?

JC: My best advice is to learn as much as you can about what you want — not necessarily job title, but what’s most important to you about the who/how/where/why you work, because when that’s clear, it will guide a much more productive process. Also, I’m still learning how not to be intimidated by “networking”, but I’ve learned that networking is as easy as striking up conversations and learning about other people’s experiences. It wasn’t what ultimately landed me my new offer, but it was certainly part of the equation as I was figuring out what to look for and what types of jobs I wanted to target.


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