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25 Of Today’s Most Important Jobs That You Can Actually Apply To Now

With technology invading pretty much every aspect of the way we get stuff done, the job market is ch-ch-ch-changing… a lot. Bill Gates recently weighed in on what he believes are the most promising jobs, and Mark Cuban has some guesses as to which jobs are less likely to be replaced by robots. Moreover, Money and PayScale have just analyzed 54 million employee profiles across 350 different industries to put together a list of the most important skills in today’s workforce.  

We were pretty pumped when we realized that a lot of the jobs and skills that these experts deem important are opportunities you can pursue right now! Here are 26 ways to do just that:

1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a company that cares about doing the right thing. In fact, the folks at this top global news provider and financial data distributor are so committed to women's issues that they created a Gender Equality Index, which is being used by more than 100 firms across the world to actualize diversity goals.

Browse Opportunities at Bloomberg.

2. GM

Despite being a historic company, GM is incredibly forward thinking — and they're hiring for tons of roles, including in engineering and IT — two of the most relevant areas in today's workforce!

Browse Opportunities at GM.

3. West Monroe Partners

West Monroe is hiring for tons of jobs that require deep, analytical thinking. If you’re into sales, IT, consulting, healthcare, tech, HR, or finance, check out the available opps ASAP.

Browse Opportunities at West Monroe Partners.

4. Terex

Cuban drives home the point that you’re less likely to become obsolete if your position requires working closely with and managing people. Terex is hiring a ton for jobs that require a whole lot of people skills, like roles in communications, sales, and branch operations.

Browse Opportunities at Terex.

5. E & J Gallo Winery

Few people would tell you that producing top-quality wine isn't a Very Important Job — espcially when you happen to be working for E & J Gallo Winery, the largest family-owned winery in the world. They're currently hiring an array of roles, in a variety of sunny locales — talk about a dream job!

Browse Opportunities at E & J Gallo Winery.

6. Seagate Technology

Data, and keeping that data safe, is important now more than ever. As a team member of Seagate Technology, you'll be producing superior, precison-engineered data storage technologies that helps protect people's digital lives.

Browse Opportunities at Seagate Technology.

7. Ultimate Software

Named a best workplace for both women and millennials by Fortune, Ultimate Software brings a passionate, people-first approach to all things software. As part of the company's 49% female talent base (which is certainly above average for the tech sphere), you could help develop its award-winning, cloud-based human capital management solution — talk about a cutting-edge gig!

Browse Opportunities at Ultimate Software.

8. Ericsson

 Ericsson is hiring in lots of roles, and many — like leading innovation and project management — stand out as jobs Cuban would say are not in danger of being replaced by robots.

Browse Opportunities at Ericsson.

9. General Electric

It’s no secret that engineers and programmers have more (and higher-paying) job prospects than people in a lot of other occupations... and GE is looking to fill many roles in these departments!

Browse Opportunities at GE.

10. PepsiCo

If you find a job at PepsiCowhether in sales, marketing, data, strategy, IT, PR or HR, you’ll undoubtedly be learning a lot about how a successful business functions while putting some of your most critical skills to good use.

Browse Opportunities at PepsiCo.

11. Dell

Today’s top-paying majors skew heavily toward technology, engineering and computing fields, which means the job openings at Dell — which include positions in IT, software engineering, systems engineering — are pretty  darn promising.

Browse Opportunities at Dell.

12. IBM

IBM is among the most reputable companies around, and it comes as no surprise that the jobs they’re looking to fill are some of the most important ones you can seek out. Whether you’re interested in project management, engineering, IT, research, software development or finance, check out career opps at IBM — they most definitely have some ideal and exceptionally relevant jobs.

Browse Opportunities at IBM.

13. ZS

One of the best places to work if you’re keen on having a relevant job is ZS — and they're looking to hire women with a vast array of interests and skills, including strategic planning, consumer marketing and customer insights.

Browse Opportunities at ZS.

14. AppNexus

As an AppNexus team member, you'll be part of the world's largest independent internet technology company with a goal of creating a "better internet." The folks who work here are also major advocates of women in tech; they helped Girls Who Code get on its feet when it was still a pilot program, and the two organizations still share office space today!

Browse Opportunities at AppNexus.

15. Accenture

Accenture might be the right fit if you find the idea of making a truly global impact appealing. You'll serve clients in more than 120 countries (so, over half of the globe), and the professional services firm is passionate about bolstering the professional lives of women on an equally wide scale.

Browse Opportunities at Accenture.

16. Bank of America

As a team member at Bank of America, you'll be supporting the economic empowerment of women across the globe, including through partnerships with organizations like the Global Ambassadors Program and the Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program.

Browse Opportunities at Bank of America.

17. Fidelity

Fidelity is all about empowering customers to live the lives they want, whether that be through helping 23 million people invest their live savings (no big deal), managing employee benefits programs for more than 20K businesses, or bringing innovative technology solutions to major institutions.

Browse Opportunities at Fidelity.

18. Johnson & Johnson

For the past 130 years, the folks at beloved household name Johnson & Johnson have been committed to caring for people's well-being on a global scale. Today, they operate in 60 countries.

Browse Opportunities at Johnson & Johnson.

19. Target

Want to be involved with a company that brings women nearly unparalleled joy? Obviously, we're talking about Target here. As if getting that employee discount wasn't enough of a draw, the positions they're hiring for are super impactful, too, ranging from information security analysis to engineering.

Browse Opportunities at Target.

20. Sterling Talent Solutions

Peace of mind is priceless — unless you’re working at Sterling Talent Solutions, that is! As the world’s largest background screening provider, peace of mind is exactly what the folks at Sterling get paid to equip clients with. Plus, women love working here, including one Fairygodboss user who says that "as a single mother, it's amazing to be at company that has so many powerful women."

Browse Opportunities at Sterling Talent Solutions.

21. American Water

Working at American Water will give you the chance to thrive in what employees say is "a great place to grow, innovate and become next generation future leaders."

Browse Opportunities At American Water.

22. Thomson Reuters

These days, trustworthy information is more important — and, it seems, harder to find — than ever. That's why you can feel good about working at Thomson Reuters; this multinational mass media and information firm is praised for its reliable accuracy by the professionals in finance, risk, tax, accounting, and media who rely on it across the globe.

Browse Opportunities at  Thomson Reuters.

23. PwC

 PwC has no shortage of fantastic opportunities — in risk and strategy consulting and in financial and tax services, among other areas — that require some of the top career skills, including strategic planning, business analysis, and financial analysis.

Browse Opportunities at PwC.

24. Capital One

Capital One is on a mission to change banking and to help people live their best lives — and the same goes for their employees. Perhaps that's why employees say it's a "great place for working moms [with] wonderful flexibility and culture" and that the company is "constantly exploring new ways to ensure an inclusive and engaged environment."

Browse Opportunities at Capital One.

26. Nationwide

Nationwide is hiring for a variety of roles, and employees report that "It's a great company and family atmosphere!" and that it's an "inclusive company that values women and their career progression."

Browse Opportunities at Nationwide.

27. Unilever

Unilever is hiring all over the country for an array of roles in HR, Legal, Finance, Communications, Marketing and more. Plus...women say "it's an amazing place for women to work - the maternity leave is fantastic and the culture is very supportive and flexible for families."

Browse Opportunities at Unilever.

28. Burson, Cohn & Wolfe

Even though Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW) is one of the world’s largest full-service global communications agencies, it takes personal employee experiences very seriously. BCW's dedication to fostering an inclusive environment shines through with their Employee Resource Group, WISE (Women in Sync & Empowered), and the various professional development trainings they provide to women employees so they can grow as leaders. 

Browse Opportunities at Burson, Cohn & Wolfe



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