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The One Item Every Working Mom Needs To Put On Her Baby Registry

If you’re pregnant and going to have a baby shower, chances are that you’ll be putting together a baby registry. But what are you actually going to put on that baby registry?

Sure, everyone knows they need diapers and bottles. And of course you have to make some of this about fun -- because let’s face it -- nobody wants to be the one who gifted you a 24-pack of Pampers Sensitive Wipes even if you’ll be going through those like nobody’s business.

So after you finish cooing through the selection of adorable onesies, newborn toys and plush baby blankets, you might be wondering what you’ve left out. And here’s where we think a number of working women miss the boat.

It’s not your fault if you do neglect to think through what you’ll need when you go back to work. The thing is, the reality of the e-commerce world is that it tends to cater extremely well to pregnant women and moms-to-be. What it doesn’t particularly account for are the millions of us who are going to be returning to work in usually all-too-short a maternity leave after our babies arrive. And look, we get it. That’s not exactly a pleasant thought, or one that encourages clicking on the “Add To Cart” button when a site could simply show you another image of adorable baby socks.

This is why we think you need to give some serious thought to a handbag that doubles as a diaper bag / breast-pump bag that can also carry your laptop...not to mention your I-forgot-to-eat-again snacks and extra tissues for unplanned leaks, accidents, or tears. We’re huge believers that most women quickly develop the logistical prowess to match the insane demands on our organizational skills once we become mothers. But you’re still going to need something to carry all your stuff! And what you’re using better be something you feel as comfortable taking into a serious client meeting as much as your daycare drop-off or weekend playdate.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with having one bag for work, one bag for diaper-related needs and another for your breast pump (should be using one), that’s a lot of switching between bags -- which, when you’re sleep deprived, means a high likelihood that something gets lost in that transfer. Keys, phone and wallets having to move from their usual places a couple times a day would flummox the best of us, under our best conditions.

While bag choices are very personal, we liked the versatility of the black TWELVElittle Unisex folderover tote bag which can be assembled in three different ways, depending on whether you’re going for a more casual or professional look. If keeping your breastmilk insulated is a priority, it’s hard to beat the professional aesthetic of the Sarah Wells Annie Breast Pump bag in black. The breast pump has it’s own compartment, and it has thermal pockets where you can slip in ice packs. And there’s a compartment for your laptop!

A close-runner up to our suggestion that you get a “super bag”, was going to be the best, electric, hands-free breast pump and accompanying nursing bustier you could afford. That way, you could maximize your most precious commodity post-baby (read: time) in a hands-free manner for all those hours you’ll be hooked up that machine pumping at work. But of course, not every woman necessarily can or will choose to breastfeed when she returns to work. Whatever you end up buying, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t forget about taking care of yourself on this registry!

A truly great bag might cost more than you’d normally shell out for an accessory, but this isn’t about getting designer labels. Find the right one and it’ll prove to be a life raft -- for a time when you’ve got to have the right equipment to survive.


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