5 Ways These Companies Are Changing The Game for Women in Finance

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April 23, 2024 at 4:28AM UTC

Raise your hand if you would describe your employer as an “amazing company to work for that truly cares about their employees and hires based on qualifications and not gender.” Raise your hand if you’d also describe your employer as one that offers “good salaries and great benefits,” or if you have “a very laid-back manager who respects the demands of parenthood and encourages people to communicate honestly with them.”

 If you didn’t raise your hand three times, you’re in the majority — and you deserve better. Luckily, better could be just a click away at Fairygodboss’ Virtual Career Fair, exclusively for women in finance, on September 13th.


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As an industry, finance doesn’t always get the best rap for being a career path that women can succeed in. But according to members of the Fairygodboss community, certain companies don’t fit that stereotype — by a long shot. And recruiters from several of these companies — the same ones, in fact, where the FGB’ers quoted above report having “good salaries,” “great benefits,” and understanding managers — will be available for Virtual Career Fair attendees to chat directly with, all from the comfort of their own homes.

If you still aren’t sold on the idea of finance as a great career path for women, though, we hear you — and also heard from women who would like to prove you wrong. Below, here are 5 reasons finding a role in finance should be your next career move.

1. Flexible working is the name of the game. 

Finance professionals tend to work a lot. Supportive companies — like Bank of America, JPMorgan, E-Trade, Charles Schwab, TIAA, Mercer Advisors, Fitch Ratings, and Fisher Investments, all represented at the Virtual Career Fair — recognize this, and encourage workplace flexibility because of it.

As said one FGB’er, who works at Bank of America, the company “provides excellent work-life balance and open flexibility policies.” Another FGB’er and JP Morgan Chase & Co. employee praised the “great flexibility for moms,” calling it a “very understanding and diversified company that offers a good amount of time off, sick leave, and maternity leave to take care of your family.”

2. The benefits will make you jealous.

Does 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and three weeks of paid paternity leave sound like a pipe dream? For new parents working at Fitch Ratings, it’s their reality. How about three weeks of PTO and 401K matching? You’ll find both at Fisher Investments. How about taking a sabbatical? Charles Schwab’s got you covered. And make sure you ask a Bank of America recruiter at the fair about their wellness programs, telecommuting options, and backup childcare!

3. Diversity is a huge priority.

Plenty of companies, especially in recent years, tout that they’re committed to embracing diversity — but don’t do much to prove that it’s a priority. Women who work at the companies represented at the Virtual Career Fair, however, testify to the fact their employers are truly walking the walk. One FGB’er praised the fact their CEO and leadership teams are committed to diversity,” while another noted there are a “good number of women in senior executive positions.”

4. Employees' professional growth is a priority, too. 

If you’re interested in growing and developing your career — instead of getting stuck upon hitting a certain level — finance can be a great industry to do that within. At Bank of America, for instead, a “Pathways to Progression” program was launched in 2016 to improve the retention, engagement and pull-through of women to more senior levels. And Bank of America isn’t the only company participating in the Virtual Career Fair to offer programs and women’s employee resource groups dedicated to helping women advance. An FGB’er working at Charles Schwab, for instance, says its Women’s Interactive Network has given her “the opportunity to mentor with other talented women,” and an FGB’er at Fitch Ratings described it as “entrepreneurial in spirit… everyone has a voice and room to contribute toward change.”

 5. Best of all? It's never been easier to find a finance role at a company women love.

The Virtual Career Fair is totally free to participants, and the only thing you need to tune in is an internet connection. Even if you’re not actively looking for your next role, September 13th is still an amazing chance to connect directly with recruiters — without leaving your couch — and get a sense of what opportunities are out there.

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