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Women who work in Client Business Service departments have an overall job satisfaction level of 4, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $80k-$100k.

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January 1970

EY usually has the best intentions but I feel like it's a little all over the place. The technology is dated, the policies aren't always put into practice. Sometimes I feel babied and I don't feel like I have a strong career path here but at the same time, I'm pressured to work a lot. I do think the people are sweet and genuine but I also feel like my team has hurdles with trying to keep a team together while trying to appease management.

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    9 hours

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    None taken

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    Maybe. It all depends on the team, office location and position. There is constant pressure to improve a process before the process is even determined. Your hours and utilization are major pressure points. You need to remain chargeable but efficient but not too efficient or else you won't meet utilization. The pressure to maintain this balance is difficult. As a female I have no issues here but as a new mom, I don't think the company always practices what they preach. I think if you are at a senior manager level and up, it's much easier to take advantage of the policies. Any one below that, it's like you're not really welcome to the same family benefits without judgement or push back.

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