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Women who work in lifestyles departments have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $25k-$50k.

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Lady DontrustheBlue

Best Buy Co., Inc.

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January 1970

I worked for this company for about 5 years; working my way up to Supervisor from Part Time. I do not recommend Best Buy as a fair and safe work environment for women. The best example is when I disagreed with a male manager and the male general manager on an issue regarding a young female employee who complained to HR corporate that her direct male supervisor was sexual harassing her and giving her unwanted hugs. The GM and Manager laughed it off and blame her in a leadership meeting; I was one of two females on a leadership team of ten. I asked to drive an investigation with HR and pull up video evidence to support her claim but they told HR that they would handle it and did nothing for the female employee. When I called HR to complain that nothing was done and I was being ridiculed for not being a "team player", the GM said that I was just being emotional and HR accepted that answer. Around this time, I went on a scheduled vacation, only to come back and find out the young female employee was on a random final warning for lateness' when the store in general did not follow attendance policy. The female employee ended up quitting and I shortly after because I was no longer considered part of the team. About a month after I left, the male supervisor that harassed the young female had another sexual harassment complaint against him but this one the GM was forced to deal with because the young lady's boyfriend came into the store and started an altercation with said supervisor because nothing was being done to protect his girlfriend. Only then was anything done and the male supervisor fired. I worked at four different locations and the amount of incidents I could describe would make you sick. Women was rarely promoted over male counterparts and male managers seem to favor hiring males they have worked with in other locations than female talent in the actual location. I am speaking on the NYC/NY State perspective and there are no female GM's or in district leadership. On a lower level, male managers purposely hire females to work Part Time in Home Theater or Gaming departments to attract male customers. I have seen in different locations capable candidates get turned down for a more visually appealing female to work in a department she knows nothing about to increase sales. I honestly do not shop at Best Buy now that I have left. Besides their harmful work environment, a recommendation to any customers visiting Best Buy, educate yourself before shopping due to Best Buy's complex policies, especially in the Mobile Department when changing plans or upgrading your phone (you are nothing dealing with ATT, Sprint etc, you are working with Best Buy who can change you plans but not correct issues and they will send you off to the original dealer who then cannot help because it was Best Buy who changed the plan.)

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