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Women who work in organizing departments have an overall job satisfaction level of 5, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $50k-$80k.

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Lady EcoMom Sierra Club
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January 1970

It is only within the last several years that Sierra Club has offered paid leave. At 6 weeks paid, it's better than most, though not as good as some. BUT they offer paid leave to women and men, and 12 weeks total leave (paid + unpaid) is standard for all employees, even though many (inc myself) do not technically qualify under FMLA. They were willing to allow me to take additional unpaid personal leave to work half time for a month, which also allowed me to retain full benefits, and I was able to cover my unpaid leave time with sick time. Other women in the organization have taken even longer leaves. My manager has been hugely supportive during pregnancy and after. It has been my experience that women are treated very fairly here.

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