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Women who work in service/internet departments have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $50k-$80k.

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Lady JoJo Geico
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January 1970

I work at the fredericksburg, VA. location. Its so hard to adjust/change your shift. I have tried numerous times, and my boss wouldn't let me. They told me it was my performance. I later found out other people were given the opportunity to change shifts, whose numbers were well below mine. One had his shift change because of his dog! FAVORTISM rules here! We did have a female vp and female managers. Almost all were replaced by men. The new male VP doest even talk to you, unless you are a manager. He will walk right by you without uttering a word. A simple greeting like "Hello or Good Morning" would be nice.

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