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Women who work in technology solutions departments have an overall job satisfaction level of 3, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of >$150k.

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Lady LadyLady123 BAE Systems
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January 1970

BAE has worked hard over the last 5 years to improve the environment for women, and has made progress. However, it is still a place where women are in the minority, and where unconscious, and sometime conscious, bias rules. Participants at the unconscious bias training mandated for managers that I attended very explicitly stated that they didn't believe in the concept, and thought that it was simply a way to encourage quotas. In coaching sessions, women are encouraged to tolerate "top gun" behavior by a small number colleagues - because those are the "high energy" people that have management's ear. On the flip side, most colleagues are smart, and friendly once you get to know them.

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