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Women who work in walt disney world departments have an overall job satisfaction level of 4, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $0-$25k.

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January 1970

I've worked for the Disney Company 4 separate times. First time as a housekeeper, then a merchandiser (both of these I was in the college program), a Graphic Design intern, lastly as a sales associate for the Disney store. My first time as a housekeeper, I would have told my self, "Do NOT pick this job!" Disney failed to mention they expect you to clean 16 rooms in an 8 hour day. Too much work to me but if you think it's worth $8.50 an hour to haul around a 50 pound "cart" then maybe you'll be better at housekeeping for Disney. The next time when I was a merchandiser I enjoyed myself so much more and made lifelong friends. I would advise women, don’t pick your favorite park to work at if you’re asked what’s your favorite park. The more popular the park the harder you will work. As an intern, I would advise you to always have a backup plan in case Disney does not decide to hire you on a full time basis. I.E. in case you’ve only been there for 6 months, now you need to break your lease at your apartment, figure out home to get home and find a new job. Lastly, as a sales associate, do not except working in a Disney store is anything like working in Disney World. The stores are way more sales driven and far less “just have fun with the guests” driven. I hope this advice helps.

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