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Women who are Associate Accountants have an overall job satisfaction level of 3, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $25k-$50k.

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Kaiser Permanente

Associate Accountant, Accounting

January 1970

It depends upon your career goals and where you want to be within the organization. Unfortunately, some minorities (African American) and others are not fairly treated. No, I'm not an African American woman but I feel I should say something about it. Kaiser has clicks and it's sad but true. I have witnessed a man be promoted in the same department 3 times in one year. However, a woman with an education and experience and certification. Not one time. Make your own call on this one sorry.

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    Not eligible for bonus

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    It's hard to say, there are some employees who would say heck no, then you have a few selected employees who would swear in a court of law that this organization is awesome.
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    None taken

    i'm not a parent and there was no need for maternity leave.
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    Promote more women into leadership positions

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    Maybe. In some areas of the organization there seems to be a problem with diversity, and yes the same diversity that they mention in their campaign ads and what you may see in brochures. Unfortunately, the organization has become an organization of who you know, no longer what you know. You have a diverse population of employees who are non-union and have graduate degrees and more. However, you will also note that they are the ones on the severance packages annually. For a long time, Kaiser has stood for fairness and equal treatment and care for all. I guess that's only if you are a patient and no an employee. The secret to them always listed on the top places to work top #50. During the time where companies are nominated, they will have the administrative staff stand in the lobby and hand out the questionnaires including volunteering to help people complete them. Providing them with the prepaid envelope and all. Many more things that could be said, but I think I have written enough.

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