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Women who are Communications Supervisors have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $50k-$80k.

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January 1970

Culture is very intense and conservative. New ideas aren't really welcomed. Emphasis on years worked at UPS, so even into my third year I am still considered "new." And that's a liability. There are so many women who don't have kids (I am one of them) that have been here forever (I have not) and have totally bought into the male-dominated environment. They are workaholics, hate flex-time, don't use their telecommute day, etc. I am currently working for a micro-manager who treats me like this is my first job out of college but I'm almost 10 years into my career. It's common to have your managers dictate emails to you as a way of bringing you into a project. Many people work all night, every night. Raises are not even at the rate of inflation and the review process is a joke. My last manager had rated me as the top performer, but his boss (director) had worked closely with someone else on my team who had worked on a high-profile campaign and he inisted that my colleague (who is a man) get the top performer. The director went to the VP and HR and made my manager change every single rating for his entire team in the system. My manager was a man, but was without a doubt the most female-friendly boss I've ever had. While I'm sure this happens in many large organizations, it's still completely corrupt. Women have judged other women harshly and negatively for using all 12 weeks of their FMLA (of which only 6 are paid as part of Short Term Disability). It's CRAZY. It's very much a top-down environment and contructive dissent is not tolerated at the upper-levels of management, even though it's supposed to be a core value. Negative, fear-driven, lacking innovation, too much ego, old-fashioned/living in the past...stay away.

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